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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Reclaimed Belfast Sinks

At Vinterior, we firmly believe that not enough appreciation is shown to the humble sink. Whether its washing up, washing your face, bathing the baby or simply getting a glass of water, we use the sink much more than we realise. As well as these practical uses, they can have a great effect on how we see the surrounding room. If the sink is tired or unattractive, the rest of the bathroom or kitchen suffers, too. Your sink should therefore be an attractive, characterful and useful addition to any space. A reclaimed Belfast sink could be just the thing to fill all these criteria. Durable, handsome, and full of historical charm, these sinks make a perfect addition to any bathroom, kitchen or utility room in need of some character. And now you can find a range of them on one website. Visit our collection of reclaimed Belfast sinks at Vinterior today.

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Why choose a reclaimed Belfast sink?

Belfast sinks can trace their history all the way back to the early 1700s, and the butler pantries of grand Georgian homes. Butlers needed a big, durable sink to fulfil their particular duties, and butler sinks were perfect for the job. Belfast sinks were a deeper adaptation of butler sinks, with the extra feature of a built-in weir overflow, as conservation of clean water in the coastal city of Belfast was not as pressing a concern as it was in London. Belfast sinks gained instant popularity, and their timeless white ceramic design has ensured this popularity has endured well into the twenty-first century.

Belfast sinks are also highly practical, being large and deep. They are as useful for washing large dishes as they are clothes. And once upon a time they were a popular place to bathe infants. In a kitchen full of hot pans and sharp implements the tough ceramic surface is incredibly desirable, being both heat and scratch resistant. This durability can be seen throughout the Vinterior collection of reclaimed Belfast sinks. Some of our sinks are over fifty years old, yet they are still in immaculate condition: a testament to the strength of their materials and the skill of the professionals who crafted them.

What sets reclaimed Belfast sinks apart from new models is their unique character and history. Every piece has its own particular story to tell. Some have been reclaimed from people's homes, others from schools, and some from science labs or churches. This history makes any reclaimed Belfast sink you buy one-of-a-kind, and impossible to take for granted.

Why Shop for reclaimed Belfast sinks at Vinterior?

At Vinterior we are head over heels in love with high quality furniture, provided it is bursting with character. Our collection contains pieces from every era and of every style, but whether you're in the market for stark industrial furniture, or traditional farmhouse pieces; something ultra-modern and sleek, or from a bygone era, a piece from us is guaranteed to be of the finest quality and full of charm. Our reclaimed Belfast sinks are perfect examples of how well-made and well designed furniture can have a long life – even beyond their initial settings. This ensures that by re-homing a vintage piece, you are getting a stunning new addition, a fantastic talking point and contributing to the sustainability of your home.

We are the leading online marketplace for vintage, antique and reclaimed furniture in the UK. The range of furniture we sell is enormous, but despite this we are highly selective about who we do business with. We work only with the most reputable designers, brands and sellers to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with their purchases. Browse through our stunning collection of reclaimed Belfast sinks now to find the perfect feature to complete your home.

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