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Vintage Linen Press

Love beautifully crafted furniture in the most gorgeous of woods? Find an elegant vintage linen press for sale in our marketplace. These cabinets were used by our ancestors for centuries and are still extremely useful in the modern household. Capture a traditional aesthetic for your home with one of these stunning pieces.

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Vintage linen press for sale

Store duvets, linen and clothes the stylish way with a vintage linen press for sale in our range. These versatile units offer storage options aplenty and have a highly desirable appearance at the same time. These beautiful cabinets make excellent additions to traditional decors, with styles to fit Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian aesthetics, as well as European. These pieces can also be included in art deco, shabby chic and rustic interiors.

What is a linen press?

Linen presses were present in most self respecting households from around the 17th to 19th century. These cabinets were used for storing bed sheets, tablecloths, napkins, clothes and other textiles. They were often exquisite examples of the very best furniture making of the era. Families would store their best white linen in these impressive pieces. And the units were often placed near the dining table for convenience and so they could be shown off to visitors.

Impressive wooden linen press furniture

Linen presses are usually made of sturdy, high quality woods like mahogany, oak and walnut. Mahogany was used frequently because it’s a large tree that tends to be uniformly coloured, giving woodworkers big chunks to work with. Very useful for a design that has lots of different components and compartments. Using a huge hunk of mahogany meant all the parts of the linen press matched nicely. Place a mahogany linen press alongside a sideboard made of the same wood to really make your dining room sing.

Exquisite craftsmanship

These armoires, dressers and gentlemen’s presses are excellent examples of not only historical carpentry but often other centuries-old crafts too. With ornate detailing and carvings turning them into truly noteworthy units. Those made from the 18th century onwards often featured intricately designed inlays and veneers made with the finest woods. Love ormolu? Many of our vintage linen presses have handles made with this gold coloured alloy. Some also have glass doors to protect the contents from dust while still allowing a view in. Mirrors on the inside of certain pieces provide a handy place to powder your nose or wax your moustache, just like they used to.

A handy storage option

These elegant cabinets typically consist of two sections, with a chest of drawers at the bottom and shelves at the top which can be pulled out. Although as you’ll see from the range, various configurations are possible. Today a linen press is a handy piece of furniture to have in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. To store towels, bed linen and clothes. Some have in-built shelving where you may choose to display your best glassware or crockery. In the bedroom, place an oak piece alongside an oak wardrobe from our selection for a coordinated look.

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