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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Bedside Tables

Marble Bedside Tables

Fancy something a little out of the ordinary to add some creative flair to your bedroom? How about a pair of gorgeous marble bedside tables to frame your bed? Our marble top bedside tables have the classic unique veining adorning it. Here at Vinterior, you can explore a fantastic range of antique and vintage marble bedside tables.Perfect to rest your phone as it charges, keep your latest well-thumbed read safe, or place your first cup of coffee in the morning, these bedside tables are durable, strong, and can withstand the busiest of homes.Bedside tables with a marble top add a dash of colour, vibrancy and texture to your bedroom. Unearth your one-of-a-kind bedside table within our exclusive edit today.

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How to use an antique marble bedside table

Marble bedside tables come along with many benefits. Some people have a habit of reading books at night. Once you are done reading it, rather than keeping the book and your reading glass on the bed, you can use the bedside table to keep the items securely and safely. If you wake up in the morning by the sound of an alarm clock, you can even place it on top of the bedside table. Plus, these antique bedside tables have drawers too, you can keep important notes, documents, and other items inside the drawers as well.

Make your bedroom look better with a marble bedside table.

Marble is a natural stone, and it looks exquisite. Marble is also resistant to breaking, cracking, and scratching. This is why people from the old age used to prefer marble bedside tables, mainly because of its beauty and durability. These items have lasted for a long time now. These bedside tables with marble tops are handcrafted by some skilled crafters of the bygone era. They have made these tables with love and affection. These items have lasted for decades, and they will certainly last for many years to come.

Buy marble top bedside tables from our marketplace

The good thing about vintage marble bedside tables is that they have a classic beauty and timeless elegance attached to them. All you need to do is to look after it, clean it regularly, and allow the antique bedside tables to last for even longer.
Since these are antique, they have a lot of hidden stories to tell as well. If you are someone interested in historical items, you will surely like our antique marble bedside tables.

Where to buy antique marble bedside tables from?

If you are thinking about buying antique marble bedside tables, choose a marketplace that you can completely trust. Buy the best quality antique marble bedside tables from Vinterior only. Peruse our beautiful collection and enjoy a hassle-free sustainable shopping experience.

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