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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Vintage Falcon Chairs

The Falcon chair is a 20th Century classic. Designed in 1970 by Norwegian designer Sigurd Ressell, it was an instant iconic classic. Featuring a hammock-style design, originally with a chrome base and deep lounge-style leather seat, Falcon chairs are both intensely comfortable and stylish options for home office chairs, living room loungers or bedroom reading seats.
Over the years, the Falcon chair was released in multiple different designs including pieces with upholstered seats, laminated bases, wooden bases and frames as well as coloured leather options. Our collection features an impressive range of vintage Falcon chair designs and styles, from Ressell’s seminal brown leather and chrome through to funky red, green, orange and patterned pieces.
Whatever your style, a vintage Falcon chair will pair perfectly with almost any contemporary home, evoking an elegant style that will elevate any interior with a timeless design from one of the 20th Century's most celebrated designers.

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Vintage Falcon Chairs

Bursting onto the scene in the 1970s, the Falcon chair has been one of the most celebrated lounge chair designs for over 50 years. With a unique ergonomic design that prioritises both comfort and style, vintage Falcon chairs are a timeless classic.

The History of the Falcon Chair

The Falcon Chair was designed by Sigurd Ressell, a Norwegian industrial designer, and after its release in 1970, it quickly became known as Ressells signature piece. It was designed in collaboration with Vatne Møbler, where Ressell became the chief designer in 1968. It was originally named Blank Vals and was designed for a furniture competition for the Industry Council. In 1971 Vatne began producing the chair for sale and within just two years Vatne’s worldwide sales tripled.

The original Falcon Chair features a chrome base with its characteristic brown leather seating, but a laminate frame version was released in 1974 which was much lighter, making for easier shipping and distribution. It is this laminate version which is still produced and sold today by the manufacturer Rybø.

Owing to its popularity, there have been a number of copycat Falcon chair designs, including the Danish Superstar Chair. However, Vatne filed a patent which it eventually won the rights to, deterring further copycat versions from being produced.

Today, vintage Falcon chairs are still an extremely popular choice, making for wonderfully comfortable home office chairs, reading chairs, or living room loungers. A truly iconic design, these chairs are certain to remain in vogue for many years to come.

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