Leather Wingback Armchair

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Leather Wingback armchair
Comfort is absolutely paramount in any home, and an important part of making your home as comfortable as possible is to hunt down the perfect seating. This, of course, means finding the right sofa and dining chairs, but it also means introducing occasional seating to act as a further source of comfort, relaxation and great design.

This is exactly what you get from leather wingback chairs. These chairs offer the very highest standard of elegance, providing an unrivalled sense of luxury to any living space. With an iconic design, introducing vintage leather wingback chairs into your home is like investing in a little piece of history. Discover a fantastic selection of vintage leather wingback armchairs right here at Vinterior and start transforming your home today.

Why choose a vintage wingback armchair?

If there was one word to describe a leather wingback chair accurately, it would be handsome. These stunning seats are most commonly made with English leather or Scottish hide, and the overall effect is one that’s reminiscent of old-fashioned libraries and clubs. These are chairs that have been designed to stand out from the crowd , draw attention and spark conversation, all while maintaining an air of traditional glamour.

Chippendale & Chesterfield Wingback Armchairs

Familiar names like Chippendale are responsible for some of the most popular vintage leather wingback chairs we see today, featuring leather in a variety of classic shades to suit any interior space. These are chairs that are dramatic yet elegant, period yet timeless and bold yet traditional. They can bring a real ambience of luxury to any home.

What to look for in a retro leather wingback chair

The highest quality vintage leather wingback chairs are available at Vinterior from manufacturers like Chippendale. These seats often come in pairs, and are upholstered in the finest quality UK leather which has been hand dyed and antiqued. Special walnut base stains can help achieve the beautiful antique patina which is so synonymous with these chairs.

The iconic studding on these seats is achieved with individual nails and stud knots, all hammered by hand and measured to absolute perfection. All of this sits atop a solid mahogany chair and solid beech frame. The use of hardwood ensures that these chairs will stand the test of time.

Incorporating a leather wingback armchair into your home

Any and every space in your home can benefit from a period leather wingback chair, but it’s important to give it the room it deserves to shine. Why not create a little seating area in your entrance hall with a pair of wingbacks arranged around a small coffee table? Or perhaps you could create a similar seating area in your living room to provide even more seating for family, friends and guests.

If you’re lucky enough to have a study or a library in your home, a vintage leather wingback chair will feel right at home. They can help you reach a dignified ambience in your home which simply can’t be achieved as successfully with chair on the high street.

Why shop for leather wingback armchairs at Vinterior?

Nothing can compare to an authentic vintage leather wingback chair when it comes to character and luxury, but unfortunately they can be hard to find. Or at least they could be before Vinterior came along. We are the number one online marketplace for unique furniture that’s full of character, including vintage leather wingback chairs from big names like Chippendale. Every item in our collection is completely one-of-a-kind, be it vintage, antique, contemporary or bespoke.

Discover the perfect seating for your home today by getting familiar with the Vinterior collection, all from the comfort of your own home.