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Few items of furniture will draw attention in your home quite like the introduction of vintage cinema seats in your home. Whether you want to add a statement piece to your living room or simply incorporate a quirky form of fold-away seating to accompany your kitchen dining table, a row of vintage cinema seats can be surprisingly functional. Explore our range of vintage cinema seats here at Vinterior today.

The rise of cinema seating in the home

Since the invention of cinema at the end of the 19th century, there has always been something iconic about the banks of seating installed in picture halls to accommodate the many viewers who wanted to sit in comfort as they enjoyed their favourite seating. A key part of any cinema experience was the folding seats which would move up and down as you stood up to let people pass along the row.

As many old cinemas have now been demolished or turned into restaurants and bars, their seats have found their way into private homes where they have been used for all kinds of purposes. With their unique appearance and retro feel, they’re the perfect addition to an eclectic home.

A vintage cinema seat will stand out from the crowd because of its unique appearance, shape and function. Whatever material they may be made of – be it traditional wooden boards or plush velvet – vintage cinema seats are typically fixed together at the base and may come in pairs, threes or longer rows.

Why buy vintage cinema seats?

Taking their inspiration from theatre seating, cinema seats have been around since the earliest days of movies, and have always had a similar shape and function. Even the earliest cinema seats could still be recognised today, although of course, today’s cinema seating is a lot more plush and luxuriously upholstered.

While some have retained their wooden backs and seats, others are comfortably upholstered with quality colourful fabrics. Some have wooden bases while others have metal ones and there are usually arms between the chairs, made from either wood or metal. Some cinema seats have a basic look and feel for a more minimalist, simple style, while others have a much more luxurious aesthetic, making them perfect for any home cinema room. Some have retained their Art Deco style and plush cushions while others have beautifully polished wood detailing. All, however, would make a wonderfully stylish addition to any eclectic home.

In many cases you will see that the sellers here at Vinterior have reupholstered old fabrics with new and elegant ones. Sometimes bright and sometimes muted in colour, there are seating options for any colour scheme.

Whether you want to add a little authentic appeal to a home cinema room, or whether to create some truly unusual kitchen seating, vintage cinema seats have a distinctive appearance of their own that is impossible to overlook.

Given that they were originally built to be used many times each day by occupants of all shapes and sizes, vintage cinema seats are durable and capable of handling the best that a busy family can throw at them. When you add this to their aesthetic appeal and the fact that they are a perfect talking point in any home, it’s easy to see why they are in such high demand among homeowners of all kinds.

Find vintage cinema seats at Vinterior

If you are searching for a truly unique piece of furniture that simply can’t be found in a modern store, you’ve come to the right place at Vinterior. Check out our selection of gorgeous cinema seats and immerse yourself in Hollywood’s glorious era!

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