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A captain’s chair is a particular style of chair, traditionally used in ships as a compact seat for the captain to sit when he wasn’t on duty. The design of the chair features a rounded back, which is supported on vertical spindles, and curves round to form an armrest. Often available in pairs, captain’s chairs make a wonderful addition to your living space, or a touch of old school charm to a home study. Alternatively, place a captain’s chair as a feature piece in a guest room, or use along a hallway to bring a bit more character to an empty corridor. Browse our collection of Victorian and vintage captain’s chairs and beyond when you visit our online marketplace today.

Choosing captain’s chairs

The majority of captains chairs are crafted from solid, polished woods like oak and mahogany. The styling can also vary quite significantly with everything from traditional four-legged chairs, vintage and retro swivel office captains chairs, as well as chesterfield leather-upholstered pieces.

Part of the inimitable charm of the captain’s chair comes from its classic design. Many original captain’s chairs are from the Victorian period, and you can find delightfully worn and characterful captain’s chairs from this period that are still in perfect working order, typically made from wood that was fashionable at the time, including oak, elm and mahogany.

Another feature that is typical of many Victorian captain’s chairs is what is known as the smoker’s bow. This feature, which is actually a style in its own right, includes a short crested piece attached to the back of the chair, designed to give the seated person more support – traditionally while they relax and enjoy a smoke with their companions.

If you love the classic captain’s chair design but are looking for something a little more inviting and luxurious, choose a captain’s chair (or matching set of two) which is upholstered in high quality leather. Designers like Jas Shoolbred & Co., who are known for their beautiful antiques that have lasted to this day, have a back catalogue of wonderful captain’s chairs, as well as having inspired many pieces in their style. Find polished wooden chairs, often in pairs, with sleek leather upholstery, or go even more glamorous with a chesterfield style, deep-buttoned back captain’s chair.

You can find contemporary oak swivel captain’s chairs from the early 20th century, as well as mid-century modern pieces to bring a touch of 50s minimalist comfort to your home or office. Whichever era you choose to buy from, the captain’s chair is a functional and eternally stylish addition, no matter what theme of interior space you are going for.

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