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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Peacock Chairs

Peacock chairs are among the most iconic furniture pieces of the 1960s and 70s. Made from rattan, these stylish and exotic-looking chairs exuded Hollywood glamour and became highly featured in photographs of the time. Today, there has been a renewed interest in owning these beautiful retro pieces. They are just as luxurious and stylish as ever, and they are a wonderful way to recapture a bygone era inside your home. Explore Vinterior’s beautiful selection of rattan peacock armchairs and bring a touch of flair into your life.

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Where did the peacock armchair originate?

It is believed that the peacock chair first originated in the Philippines before being brought to Europe. Rattan furniture in general went through a major surge in popularity during the 1930s and 40s, and suddenly homes were filled with all kinds of rattan items, from bookcases and bed frames to rattan garden chairs and tables.

Interest in rattan furniture waned over the intervening years. But when a throne-like peacock chair was used as a photographic prop it became a sensation. Starting in the homes of the rich and famous, peacock chairs became the epitome of sophistication.

Why choose vintage peacock chairs?

Peacock chairs are the most distinctive rattan garden chairs you will find. With their highly exotic look, they stand out from the crowd – both outdoors and indoors.

The iconic feature of any rattan peacock chair is its hourglass shaped seat and fan shaped back. A particularly tall piece of furniture with a comparatively narrow base, it has a compact footprint and yet offers plenty of comfort and space for the sitter.

Often, the back is ornately decorated and may sometimes feature different colours, although the most commonly seen peacock chairs are in their natural state and are usually a pale beige shade. Featuring arms that curve gently into the wide back, peacock chairs are incredibly stylish and yet surprisingly robust.

If you want to capture true retro glamour in your home, a vintage rattan peacock chair is the way to go. With their iconic look, they bring heritage to life in any room of your home, and yet they are surprisingly durable having already proved their ability to stand the test of time. With a vintage rattan peacock chair you can relive the glory days of Hollywood right in your own boudoir.

Not only will a vintage piece like this make a great statement; it also complements a surprisingly broad range of décor styles. Equally at home in rustic and shabby chic settings, peacock chairs can work surprisingly well in minimalist and mid-century modern settings where a few carefully chosen items of furniture are mixed and matched.

Shop for vintage peacock chairs with Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we are committed to bringing you a selection of the most beautiful and stylish antique and vintage furniture items. Thanks to our network of more than a thousand sellers from around the country, we are the leading online marketplace for heritage and artisan furniture in the UK. This means that you won’t find a better choice of vintage pieces like the peacock chair anywhere else.

We are dedicated to inspiring you to bring the past back to life through our gorgeous range, and we’re convinced that you’ll find the ideal item to express your own flair in our outstanding collection of vintage rattan peacock chairs. Find your inspiration today.

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