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Born in 1910, Eero Saarinen was a Finnish American designer who today is recognised as one of the pioneers of neo-futuristic design, creating furniture which was striking, distinctive and creative. Born to a world-famous textile artist mother and art director architect father, it’s perhaps little surprise that Eero Saarinen was destined to become one of the greats. The range of Eero Saarinen Furniture is eclectic and diverse, and that’s arguably one of the greatest strengths. Never being confined to a single style, Eero Saarinen created pieces which were forward-thinking and individual every time. Here at Vinterior you’ll find a great collection of Eero Saarinen furniture, with some of the styles that he’s most famous for. Take a look at what’s in our online catalogue today and give your home the vintage treatment.

Eero Saarinen furniture: precision and style combined

Eero Saarinen delighted in working with his father on furniture design for the university campus from his teens onwards, and took the love of creation into his future career. Going on to produce furniture for Knoll, the company that belonged to a lifelong friend, Eero Saarinen found a market that couldn’t get enough of his designs.

Although its true that Eero Saarinen never felt forced to conform to a single style, all of his furniture has some common features. Look for moulded, flowing lines and a curvaceous finish that’s almost organic. This attention to detail is one of the reasons why Eero Saarinen furniture works so well in the home. Created with the intention of interacting dynamically with its immediate environment, every piece complements and fuses with its surroundings.

Eero Saarinen originally trained as a sculptor before becoming an architect and these twin skills are evident in his furniture design. Clean lines with a sense of soul, every piece of furniture feels like a living, breathing entity.

Eero Saarinen furniture: appreciating the beauty of vintage

Although being a hugely popular designer during his time, Eero Saarinen furniture still remains highly sought after today. Whether you have a contemporary themed or retro-styled home, an Eero Saarinen piece will fit right in. Used in a minimalist decor, Eero Saarinen looks very modern, a nod to the origins of the neo-futuristic style. However, when paired with other vintage furniture, it acquires a very retro vibe, adding an air of authenticity to the overall decor.

In the dining room, the famous Tulip chairs are a top pick. Working well with either the matching Tulip table or a modern glass-topped model, they’re fluid and minimalist with an almost liquid shape.

For comfort, it’s hard to beat the Grasshopper, an upholstered chair that’s almost irresistibly inviting. Relax next to the fire in a cosy lounge, enjoy a spot of peace and quiet in the study or even take it easy in the bedroom, this chair is hugely versatile.

Find your Eero Saarinen furniture with Vinterior

At Vinterior we specialise in providing a marketplace for antique, heritage and vintage furniture to be browsed and sold. Eero Saarinen furniture isn’t always easy to find but we offer great variety to suit the decor in your home.

With detailed descriptions and dimensions, you’ll always know exactly what you’re getting. It’s never been easier to embrace the beauty of vintage furniture, giving you the chance to create a home that’s truly individual. Browse through our Eero Saarinen furniture and many other designs today and let your mind be inspired by what you find.