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Telephone tables were all the rage in the middle of the 20th century. In fact, they were aptly named “gossip tables” at one time. Most likely this moniker came about as a result of all the juicy rumours that would be exchanged over the phone across many homes around the country. These beautiful pieces can be used as side tables or even decorative pieces placed strategically in your living room today. Many of them come with patterns such as diamond veneer that simply demand attention. And so if you are looking to add that extra touch of character to your home, you will find that a well-placed and carefully chosen telephone table can be just the addition you need to make a nice interior design a great one.

Why choose mid-century telephone tables

During the middle of the 20th century designers began to experiment with a whole range of different materials. Although the classic mid-century minimalist look involves hardwoods such as teak and rosewood, metals, vinyl, Lucite and plastics were utilised in furniture design.

If you are looking to incorporate a quirky feature or bring a dash of colour to an otherwise neutral hallway, a mid-century telephone table is a great solution. Not only will it provide you with a station on which to put a telephone, a vase or perhaps a bowl of pot pourri, it will also add character in its own right. Whether you add a rustic mango wood telephone table to contrast with white washed walls, a low teak telephone unit painted blue to provide an accent colour or even a semi-circular table featuring brass legs to add a shiny, metallic finish, there are many options open to you.

Mid-century telephone tables: choosing vintage

While many pieces of furniture such as side tables and coffee tables are mass produced, flimsy items, choosing a vintage piece means choosing an item that has already proved itself to be durable and was built at a time when furniture was meant to last. Mid-century tables will also make a great conversation piece for your guests – whether it’s in the hallway or perhaps by the side of the living room sofa.

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