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Given the nature of the British climate it is sometimes easy to ignore the importance of creating an attractive and comfortable garden space. After all, for much of the year the weather does not encourage us to spend casual hours outside. Yet when the sun does show its face it is important to make the most of the outdoor area you do have at your disposal. Whether you have a patio, a yard or an acre of land, vintage rattan garden furniture can be a great solution to add character and appeal to the exterior of your home. Browse the collection today.

A brief history of garden furniture

Gardens have been around since the Roman times, and even during these early days garden furniture was in existence. The earliest pieces were made from stone during the Greek and Roman periods, but in the Middle Ages, turf benches took over in popularity. By the Renaissance, gardens had become much more landscaped, and the increase in demand for an outdoor seating area rose.

By the 19th century, piers, gardens and public parks had appeared on the landscape, and with those spaces came an even greater demand for places to sit in the open air. Park benches appeared together with rocking chairs and squatter chairs.

As time went by, more properties were built with their own gardens, and so garden furniture became more mainstream. Sun loungers appeared to help homeowners take advantage of sunny days, and al fresco dining tables and chairs became a common feature outside cafes and restaurants, especially in areas with warm climates.

Rattan garden furniture became very popular towards the middle of the 20th century because of its stylish appearance and robust construction. It remains very popular today, and many modern manufacturers are emulating its traditional style and construction in their contemporary pieces. Discover Vinterior’s rattan garden furniture, and bring authentic style to your outdoor spaces.

The features of rattan garden furniture

Today, rattan garden furniture is still just as popular as it ever was. However, the current trend is for pieces which greatly resemble indoor sofas and chairs – often made of synthetic rattan rather than the real thing. While this material is durable and weather resistant, it simply doesn’t have the same charm or distinctive appearance of genuine, vintage rattan garden furniture.

With an exotic look, rattan garden furniture in the past was designed to look different to indoor pieces, and had a more casual and exotic shape. With curving lines and a more open cage-like appearance, vintage rattan garden furniture can be any shade from the palest beige to dark brown depending on the colour of the original materials.

Rattan garden furniture, while looking elegant and sophisticated, is still incredibly robust and durable, and is suitable for regular use.

Why choose rattan garden furniture?

Whether used indoors or out, vintage rattan garden furniture brings authenticity and character into your life, with a distinctive retro style that simply cannot be replicated by a modern manufacturer. The perfect choice for any homeowner who wants to bring a little extra flair to their outdoor spaces, vintage pieces are still incredibly robust and are able to withstand the rigours of frequent use.

Find rattan garden furniture at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior, we aim to bring authentic vintage and antique style to your home, both inside and out. We have brought together a gorgeous range of stunning items and furnishings that will look just as beautiful in your home today as when they were originally made, and all have their own unique personality and character.

Check out our rattan garden furniture and find the perfect pieces to complement your own sense of outdoor style.