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Kartell is an Italian company in Milan founded in 1949 by Giulio Castelli, making and selling contemporary plastic furniture. The brand began life manufacturing automobile accessories but later expanded into home furnishings. Kartell’s modern furniture includes iconic designs from celebrated furniture designers like Phillipe Starck, Patricia Urquiola, and Patrick Jouin among others. In addition to its own retail outlets, Kartell furnishings are sold by many independent retailers worldwide. Kartell chairs come in all shapes and sizes and are mainly made of polycarbonate and polyethylene material, moulded in interesting and fun ways to create chairs that look stunning in the home. Explore our collection of Kartell chairs today.

What to look for in Kartell chairs

It is the shape and design of Kartell chairs that defines the brand. By working in plastic, there are really no limits to the way that a designer can mould and manipulate the material, giving them entirely free rein to sculpt a piece of furniture as they see fit. It is for this reason that the Kartell chairs you will find on our online marketplace are so eye-catching and different. If you don’t want to fill your home with the same old wooden furniture as everyone else, you have found the right brand.

Before deciding on a chair, you should understand the current models available which range from ‘Masters’ chair, ‘Bubble Club’ armchair, ‘Louis Ghost’ chair, the ‘Kravitz’ chair to the Generic ‘A’ and ‘C’, ‘La Marie’, ‘Maui’ – the list is endless.

Due to the fact that Kartell chairs are made solely out of Polycarbonate and Polypropylene, designs such as the Louis and Victoria ghost chairs are more than resilient enough to be utilised both inside and outdoors. Alternatively, designs like the ‘Maui’ and ‘Comeback’ suit an indoor office space or study corner in a child’s bedroom.

If you are looking for robust and hardwearing seating for a commercial environment such as a café or relaxed restaurant, look no further than Kartell dining chairs.

Why buy Kartell chairs?

Available in a variety of colours, Kartell chairs can be used practically anywhere, from homes, offices, events, churches and any other public space. The chairs are quite visually appealing which adds some elegance and versatility to any style of home or open area.

If you happen to be a lover of the baroque, there is the ‘Venice’ chair or ‘Louis Ghost’ Kartell chair, which takes after ‘Louis XV’ chairs. If it is a more modern shape you want, take a look at the ‘Thalya’ chair, which seamlessly combines simplicity and graphic design.

The ‘Audrey’ Kartell chair will give you the comfort you desire with its particular choice of fabric materials while the honeycomb is light, portable and foldable. SImilarily the ‘Masters’ chair is light, practical and stackable with eye-catching metallic finishes. With their durability, stability and ease of cleaning, a Kartell chair will serve you for years to come and bring life and vibrancy to the intended space while at it.

Shop for Kartell chairs with Vinterior

At Vinterior, we offer a variety of Kartell chair designs to suit all your interior tastes. Browse our listings and you will find chairs in a range of colours and styles to complement everything from a retro-vibe dining room to an ultra modern home office. Many of these vintage pieces come from the 1980s and 1990s but still look as fresh as they did the day they came off the production line.