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A master of the neo-futuristic style, Eero Saarinen was a Finnish American designer who was effortlessly stylish. Born in 1910 and hugely influential in mid-century design until his premature death in 1961, his collection of striking furniture makes the perfect addition to both homes and offices everywhere. Training first as a sculptor then as an architect, Eero Saarinen transferred his love of structure and organise curves into the design of furniture. Although he created a wide range of pieces, it’s perhaps his chairs that Eero Saarinen was most renowned for. At Vinterior we’ve got an interesting selection of vintage Eero Saarinen chairs, offering high quality at an affordable price. Look through our online marketplace today and you’ll discover a whole world of heritage and authentic retro furniture.

Eero Saarinen chairs: choose your style

One of the particular characteristics of Eero Saarinen designs is that they have no defined style. Open to influences and receptive to a more dynamic means of furniture design, Saarinen pieces can vary quite significantly in many ways.

However, while the Grasshopper chair may look very different than the Tulip, there are certain aspects which are present across his portfolio. With Eero Saarinen you can expect clean lines and an almost organic feel, with the focus on creating an authentic vision rather than making manufacture less challenging. In fact, with an absence of seams or joins in more obvious places, Saarinen furniture – including his chairs – were technologically challenging when they were first released.

Whether you’re looking for office furniture, dining chairs for your home or even a comfy lounge chair to curl up in, there are a variety of Eero Saarinen chairs to choose from. Here’s a selection of some of his most popular designs:

The Womb Chair

Evocatively named, the Womb Chair became one of Saarinen’s most famous pieces. As the moniker suggests, the Womb Chair cuddles, comforts and envelopes, offering a place to retreat into. A sculptural shell which is upholstered for optimal softness, this curviness of the chair makes it as visually appealing as it is comfortable.

The softness of the chair is accentuated further by a colour matched cushion, as well as a footstool. For those who want to crank up the comfort, there’s also a two-seater sofa version, which looks simply exquisite in a retro-themed lounge.

The Organic Chair

The Organic Chair represents Saarinen’s foray into using pioneering techniques which were, at the time, cutting edge. This chair was made using moulded plywood and in 1940 won first prize in a competition held by the Museum of Modern Art.

Designed to be a small yet plush reading chair, the moulded shell offers the same clean but curvy lines as the Womb Chair. As a much smaller seat, the Organic Chair works beautifully in studies as well as in waiting areas and offices.

The Pedestal Collection

No reference to Eero Saarinen chairs would be complete without the inclusion of the Pedestal Collection. Including the now-iconic Tulip chair, this range offered beautifully moulded chairs upon a pedestal base, available as either a swivel or stationary model.

Designed to eliminate the clutter of legs under tables and promote simple and minimalist styling, the Pedestal Collection provides a wonderfully vintage appeal but can also be used to magnificent effect in a contemporary theme. Place in diners, restaurants or at the breakfast bar in your kitchen.

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