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For most of us, a mirror is an essential addition to the bathroom. We need to see our reflections on a daily basis, for shaving and putting on make-up, but a bathroom mirror has uses from an interior design perspective too. Art Deco bathroom mirrors are a lovely option if you’re looking for something chic and vintage to jazz up your bathroom. By reflecting the light from your windows and ceiling lights they can also help to make your bathroom to feel more spacious and fresher, too. Browse our online marketplace today and find an extensive collection of authentic Art Deco mirrors and other furnishings for your home.

Features of Art Deco bathroom mirrors

There are many different kinds of Art Deco bathroom to choose from. Do you want a vanity mirror that you can prop up? Or are you looking for a medium-sized hanging mirror to place above your sink? Or perhaps you’d rather a larger mirror that covers a bathroom wall, or a floor length mirror? Take a look at the size and dimensions of your space and have in mind the size and style of mirror you want for the job.

Art Deco mirrors come in a range of shapes and sizes: from simple rectangular vanity mirrors, to large circular mirrors with a typical zig-zag-patterned frame. What shape of mirror do you want for your bathroom? A circular mirror creates a nice feature for the wall; a rectangular mirror is perhaps a more practical choice and gives you more reflective value for your money.

If you’re looking for a characteristic Art Deco bathroom mirror, choose pieces that feature rich lacquered surfaces, polished frames with glass, chrome or leather in-lays, and a focus on geometric patterns and straight lines juxtaposed with circles. Whether you’re adding a vintage twist to a modern bathroom or a Victorian washroom, Art Deco bathroom mirrors are the perfect way to inject that delicate balance of style with character.

In a naturally damp room like the bathroom, it’s important to make sure any ornamentation is waterproof and rust-resistant. Bathroom mirrors can be ornate and decorative, but they are always made to withstand heightened moisture in the air.

Why choose vintage Art Deco bathroom mirrors?

There’s a real charm to furniture and artwork from bygone days. Each and every vintage item tells a story, giving you the opportunity to fill your home with quirky and characterful items that are as unique and interesting as you are. Rather than having the same furniture as all your friends, why not inject some of your own personality and individual style into your interior space? Discover the wonders of vintage furniture at your fingertips by browsing our marketplace today.

Vintage furniture is often of a better quality and lasts longer than the modern-day equivalent, so you can get years of use and enjoyment out of your furniture without the expense and inconvenience of having to replace it. Whether you opt for an Art Deco piece that looks as fresh and new as the day it was produced or opt for something that has been upcycled or received a bit of TLC over the years (perhaps a new lick of paint or a repolishing of wood), shopping vintage guarantees that your bathroom space won’t look just “average”.

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