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Antique Glassware

Prepare to be wowed by our sparkling antique glassware goblets, tumblers and vases. Our extensive collection contains items from the 17th century onwards and is drawn from a network of specialists based in the UK and abroad. Raise a glass to these secondhand pieces to be used for drinking or simply for show.

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Versatile antique glassware

Our antique glassware range features everything from inkwells to apothecary bottles and from cookie holders to jelly glasses. Of course, many of these beautiful items were originally aimed for alcohol consumption, be they beer or port glasses, ornate wine carafes, measures for ensuring the correct dose and punch bowl stands for serving up a treat for several guests at once. Rummers, mainly popular in the Netherlands from the 15th to the 17th century, are short stemmed glasses typically made with thick glass. Look out for the engravings that turn these into standout pieces.

All the colours of the antique rainbow

Coloured glass is created by adding natural oxides to glassware. Bristol blue glass has been produced in the eponymous West England town since the 18th century and is still manufactured there today. Its striking hue comes from mixing the chemical compound cobalt oxide into the glass, creating a distinctive deep blue shade. Other variations include green, yellow and red. You can also shop regal amethyst, which was first created by American glassmakers in the mid-19th century using manganese dioxide.

Fancy features

Impressive features and adornments make our antique glassware an absolute joy to use. Think twist or prunted stems that feel tactile to hold, stoppers that sit perfectly in perfume bottles and perfectly shaped spouts for spill-free pouring. Admire elaborate engravings, floral gilded decorations or decoupage designs. Cut glass features heavily. This decorative technique, developed by 17th century German glassmakers, makes antique glass more reflective. Diamond, star or scalloped fan designs are often used in English glassware, and made in Irish glasshouses such as Waterford.

Antique glassware sets

A set of six champagne flutes or bowls or a tea set, a pair of wine glasses or a liqueur barrel compete with serving cups. Beautiful antique glassware looks even more impressive when there’s more than one piece. Sets look gorgeous displayed atop some antique furniture, perhaps lighting up the area with a wall light in the evenings for extra show.


How to display antique glassware?

When you’re not using them, naturally you’ll want to ensure your beautiful antique wine glasses or crystal goblets are on show for all to see. A glass display cabinets is perhaps the obvious place – it creates a shiny display and helps keep your antique glass free from dust. Be sure to keep a duster handy to ensure a permanent sparkle. Glassware items can also be placed on a beautiful mid-century teak sideboard for an outstanding finish. Complete the space with a mid-century table and chairs.