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Antique Glassware

Prepare to be wowed by our sparkling selection of antique glassware at Vinterior. Perfect for your next cocktail evening or soirée, our extensive collection of antique drinking glasses is home to items as far back as the 17th century. No matter what your tipple, our collection has got the glassware to make your favoured drink sing.Carefully curated by our team of experts, our characterful collection has been hand-picked from the best independent sellers and boutiques across 30 countries. Browse a wide range of classic cut-glass tumblers, engraved champagne flutes, whole sets of rare hand-painted wine glasses and even fancy French decanters. Looking for something totally show-stopping? Take a look at our favourite antique coloured glassware to add something really unique to your dinner table.Raise a glass with these stunning secondhand pieces at your next get-together or simply display them in pride of place as gorgeous ornamental accessories. Lovingly passed down throughout the centuries, these decadent antique glassware pieces will bring their own unique sense of history to your space, with every sip. Find your favourites when you shop Vinterior today.

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Versatile antique glassware for sale in our marketplace

Our antique glassware range is home to a vast eclectic selection of antique drinking glasses—featuring inkwells, apothecary bottles, cookie holders and even jelly glasses. Many of these beautiful vessels were originally made for drinking alcohol, be it a beer mug, port glass, ornate wine carafes, spirit measures and punch bowl stands for serving up a treat for several guests at once. Our collection also includes Rummers. Popular in the Netherlands from the 15th to the 17th century, these short-stemmed glasses are typically made with thick glass. Look out for the engravings that turn these into standout pieces.

Can I find antique coloured glassware online?

Coloured glass is created by adding natural oxides to glassware. Bristol blue glass has been produced in the eponymous West England town since the 18th century and is still manufactured there today. Its striking hue comes from mixing the chemical compound cobalt oxide into the glass, creating a distinctive deep blue shade. Other variations include green, yellow and red. You can also shop regal amethyst, which was first created by American glassmakers in the mid-19th century using manganese dioxide. Our personal favourite is antique amber drinking glasses. Oozing with sophistication, these beautiful pieces are sure to impress your guests at your next get-together.

What features are found in antique drinking glasses?

Impressive features and adornments make our antique glassware an absolute joy to use. Think twist or pruned stems that feel tactile to hold, stoppers that sit perfectly in decanters and perfectly shaped spouts for spill-free pouring. Admire elaborate engravings, floral gilded decorations or decoupage designs. Cut glass features heavily. This decorative technique, developed by 17th-century German glassmakers, makes the antique glass more reflective. Diamond, star or scalloped fan designs are often used in English glassware, and made in Irish glasshouses such as Waterford.

Where can I find antique glassware sets?

In our collection, you’ll find many sets of antique glassware. Whether it’s a set of six champagne flutes or coupes, a pair of wine glasses or a liqueur barrel compete with serving cups. Beautiful antique glassware looks even more impressive when there’s more than one piece. Sets look gorgeous displayed atop some antique furniture, perhaps lighting up the area with a wall light in the evenings for extra show.

How to display antique glassware

When you’re not using them, naturally you’ll want to ensure your beautiful antique wine glasses or crystal goblets are on show for all to see. A glass display cabinets is perhaps the obvious place – it creates a shiny display and helps keep your antique glass free from dust. Be sure to keep a duster handy to ensure a permanent sparkle. Glassware items can also be placed on a beautiful mid-century teak sideboard for an outstanding finish. Complete the space with a mid-century table and chairs.

How do you identify antique glassware?

If you’re needing some help with antique drinking glasses identification, then you’ve come to the right place. Most antique drinking glasses will have a making symbol somewhere on the glass, stem or bottom. If you can’t find the symbol on google, drop us an email and our team will help you identify the period your glassware was made.

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