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Vintage Wine Glasses

When you host a dinner party you will of course want to pay close attention to the food and drink you serve. After all, it is important to provide food that gets the tastebuds firing and wine that is of a suitable grape and vintage. Yet to really make your dinner party special, you will want to pay close attention to the wine glasses you serve your beverages in. While there are plenty of glasses available at your local homeware shop that can adequately perform the task as a wine receptacle, there is something special about being able to serve wine in a vintage wine glass. Browse our collection of vintage wine glasses here at Vinterior today and you will see what we mean.

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Vintage wine glasses: an introduction

So, how should you appraise a wine glass? Well, first of all, did you know that a wine glass has four parts. The top part is the rim. A thin rim offers good experience during sipping. The glass distracts less from the wine. A perfect rim is smooth to touch, making it flow without obstruction.

Next comes the bowl, where the wine will sit until you decide to tip it into your mouth. The shape of the bowl should be designed in a manner that it efficiently directs the wine’s aroma to the nose. It acts as the “distributor” of the aroma.

Stretching down from the bowl is the stem. Typically this is where people hold their wine glass during drinking, keeping the heat from the hands at a safe distance from the wine so that the temperature is not disrupted. The stem may be of varying thicknesses depending on the preference of the buyer – and so this is something you should take into consideration when making a purchase.

At the bottom of the glass we find the foot. As you would expect, it is this foot that enables the glass to stand upright.

Choosing vintage wine glasses

A perfectly matured wine should go with a quality vintage glass. Wine is about savouring, taking your time and enjoying the perfect taste of the ideal wine. Vintage glasses show the passion that an individual possesses about the wine he/she is enjoying.

Here at Vinterior you will find many variations on the traditional wine glass, including those intended for white wine, those designed for red wine, glasses for port and dessert wines, and many more. You may choose between cut glass designs or smooth glass, coloured variations and crystal clear ones. We even offer fine silver goblets and flutes among our listings, often including Spanish editions made in the 1960s.

Whatever your preference, you will find that each and every piece has that special something that comes with having a rich history and a backstory.

Shop for vintage wine glasses with Vinterior

If you are looking to trade in your supermarket glassware for a set of stunning vintage replacements, you have come to the right place. With a national network of trusted sellers, we are proud to have an extensive range of vintage and antique wine glasses on offer. Browse our collection today and choose the style, period and country of origin that you prefer. You will also find decanters, pitchers and other glassware in our listings, so be sure to explore our full range of dining and glassware.

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