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Murano Glass Ashtrays

Named after the Venetian island where it is crafted, Murano glass is a global household name with a long, fascinating history dating back to the 8th century. For over a thousand years, Murano pieces have been prized for their unique, bright colours and creatively blown shapes. Alongside the light fittings and other glassware that Murano is famed for, ashtrays remain an intriguing and instantly recognisable collectable item that many people value in their home. Browse our listings now and find a Murano glass ashtray to adorn your side table or dresser.

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The popularity of Murano glass ashtrays

While Murano glass ashtrays are clearly able to serve a practical purpose among the smoking community, the aesthetic appeal of these ornaments goes far beyond their role as a receptacle for cigarette butts. An intriguing aspect of Murano glass ashtrays is that they tend to embody the style of the decade that they were made in – whether it is the geometry of the 1960s or the organic, blossoming shapes of the 70s. Indeed, these beautiful objects make the perfect gift for absolutely anyone - not just smokers. Available in a range of sizes, from bijou saucers to larger, deeper bowls, with their bright, inimitable colours, they are an exceptionally diverse object.

For instance, they make lovely dishes for jewellery, loose change and trinkets, as well as magical candle holders and stunning paperweights. As a centrepiece, they look beautiful filled with fairy lights and flowers, and they are great party pieces, too. Bring them out filled with nuts or chocolates at the beginning or end of an evening with friends – or, of course, offer them in their original incarnation as elegant ashtrays, perfect for guests who like to smoke cigarettes, pipes or cigars.

If you’d like to start collecting Murano glass but aren’t sure where to start, a Murano ashtray is the perfect first investment. Petite and eminently usable whilst remaining just as beautiful as bigger, more show stopping pieces, an ashtray is a classic, functional item that looks beautiful on any coffee table, nightstand or desk. The joyfully bright colours speak of centuries of Italian tradition and the remarkable skill evidenced in even the smallest ashtray is testament to why Murano remains highly desirable to this day.

The way the glass catches the light, not to mention the eye, makes a Murano ashtray a gorgeous accent piece and a stylish, welcome addition to any home setting. They come in hundreds of varying colours - from bright, bottle green to vibrant ruby red to glittering chartreuse yellow, and these variations, combined with the massive array of shapes available, mean that the possibilities are exciting and endless.

Why choose a Murano glass ashtray at Vinterior?

Here at Vinterior we feature a huge range of carefully selected vintage furniture and decorative items from over one thousand sellers. If you are looking for a unique piece with a fascinating history, this means that you will be able to find something perfect here. There has been a proliferation of imitation Murano glass entering the market recently, but our trusted vendors choose only the best quality items so you can be sure when you purchase a Murano ashtray on Vinterior, you’re buying a genuine article, steeped in rich Venetian history and just as beautiful as you expect it to be.

We sell new glass ashtrays, too

Another benefit of shopping on Vinterior is that we also list items from a range of contemporary craftspeople, so there is an even wider selection to choose from. These manufacturers are chosen for their excellent designs, unparalleled creativity and high quality craftsmanship. So whether you’re looking for a Murano ashtray for yourself or someone else, you’re sure to find it here. If you’re feeling inspired, start your search for Murano and track down your very own beautiful piece of Italian glassmaking history today.

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