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Vintage Blue Bowls

From cool icy hues to dark admiral shades, find joy among our vintage blue bowls collection. This pottery, glassware and stoneware achieves a high end look in your kitchen, hallway or lounge. Vinterior has picked the most stunning pieces from our network of sellers to bring you the best for your home.

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An eclectic vintage blue bowl selection

Sky blue, navy, indigo, teal and ocean blue. These are all shades you’ll encounter in our gorgeous vintage blue bowl selection. Find both decorative and functional bowls among our carefully picked range, featuring high quality materials including Murano glass.

Vintage blue bowls from bygone eras

Glass bowls with lids, plate sets and serving bowls all feature in our vintage blue bowl range. The gorgeous blues are created by using blue pigment such as cobalt oxide, with the main material.

Our vintage glassware range features typically round bowls as well as interesting asymmetrical shapes that add interest to your interiors. Explore work by top ceramists and glass artists such as Gunnar Nylund, Helle Alpas Per Lutken, as well as stunning collectors’ items from the 17th and 18th centuries. Whether you’re after something in the art deco, Scandinavian modern or shabby chic style, you’re bound to find something that you adore in this range.

Blue ceramic bowls

From gilt enamel bowls to pieces in glazed stoneware, there are all sorts of beautiful ceramic options in our selection. Porcelain is combined with other materials such as glass for a truly stunning effect. And decorative motifs in blues and azures add to the beauty of these pieces.

You’ll find plenty of vintage blue and white bowls in our selection too. These often feature intricate painted designs that are very easy on the eye. This style of ceramics decoration originated in China and was adopted by Western china factories like Wedgwood and Royal Copenhagen in the 18th and 19th centuries. Natural themes such as flowers, willow trees and leaves are often depicted in this tradition.

Blue glass bowls

A bowl in vintage blue glass or crystal has a striking effect and makes a fantastic addition to your kitchenware selection. If it’s purely for show, display it on the mantelpieces or keep it safe in a vintage glass display cabinet.

Our vintage blue glass bowls are cut, hand painted and pressed to achieve spectacular results that bring you pleasure every time you look at them. Opalescent bowls have a frostier quality to them and blown glass objects have a bubble like appearance. Some blown glass is sculpted into inspiring shapes, making each piece truly unique.

Why not choose a vintage blue glass sugar bowl for the kitchen? You’ll also find lovely blue glass bowls for displaying fruit and pretty glass bowls to keep trinkets in, on your chest of drawers or dressing table.

Murano glass bowls

Look out for Murano glass in our collection of vintage blue bowls. This gorgeous style famously originated from a tiny island north of Venice in Italy. Murano’s glass making tradition dates back as far as the 13th century and its products remain highly popular today. Pick up a Murano glass vintage blue glass bowl and bring a slice of Venetian craftsmanship straight to your home.