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Whitefriars Glass

One of the leading names in the British glass industry, Whitefriars created some of the most innovative glass pieces of the 20th century. Indeed, they were credited with a number of different design patents. Despite going out of business in 1980, their work is still extremely sought-after and in demand among those with an eye for interior design.

Here at Vinterior, we don’t just sell large pieces of furniture, we also offer exquisite antique and vintage accessories such as those from Whitefriars Glass. From vases and dishes to wine glasses and tumblers, Whitefriars’ work remains a class apart.

We are always sourcing new pieces of Whitefriars Glass for our catalogue, so if you can’t find what you are looking for today it is always worth checking back and having a browse through our catalogue on a regular basis.

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What to look for in genuine Whitefriars Glass

As one of the innovators in the British glass industry, Whitefriars were the leaders in design. Their continuing popularity has meant that many others have tried to emulate their work, and pass copies off as original Whitefriars’ pieces. Geoffrey Baxter’s Whitefriars glass is particularly iconic and the designer was responsible for famous ranges such as the Drunken Bricklayer and his textured glasses. Whitefriars Glass can often be differentiated from copycat designs by the colour; fakes tend to be too dark, too bright or too bold and miss the subtle complexity of colour that Whitefriars wove into their glass. Copies also lack the sharp detailing that is found on the moulds of genuine Whitefriars; this is what leads to the crisp and unusual markings that they’re renowned for. At Whitefriars, the coloured glass was encased in clear glass – in fact, each piece was made with painstaking precision. This long and expensive process was one of the reasons why Whitefriars became difficult to run as a business. Yet it’s also why their glassware is still amongst the best around.

Incorporating Whitefriars Glass into your home

Whitefriars Glass became known for their cutting-edge technology and new techniques that they brought to the market which is why their vintage designs still have a contemporary appeal. Their use of colour in glassware was unprecedented and the decorative effect of many of their pieces is simply sublime. Classic conic goblets, cut crystal tumblers and vintage glass decanters all add elegance and look perfect paired with a retro sideboard or drinks trolley. Vases come in both symmetrical and irregular shapes and look just as glorious empty as filled with flowers. From purple to amber, green and blue, Whitefriars Glass designs are available in a wide range of colours. This provides the ideal opportunity to accessorise with existing decor, in either traditional or modern-themed homes.

Why shop for vintage Whitefriars Glass at Vinterior?

As we’ve mentioned above, Whitefriars Glass is not just sought-after but often the subject of forgeries so it’s important to buy from trusted suppliers such as the Vinterior online marketplace. Whitefriars Glass copies often sell for around 15% of the genuine price so if you see a much cheaper item for sale, it’s probably not genuine. You can trust Vinterior to only stock genuine Whitefriars Glass pieces and when you make a purchase you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve bought an original.

Searching for Rare Whitefriars Glass?

From 18th century antiques to retro vintage vases, Whitefriars Glass is without parallel. We’re huge fans of the famous British glassmaker at Vinterior and you’ll find a great selection for sale. Whether you’re a trade seller or looking to add to your own personal collection, get in touch with Vinterior today and find your perfect piece!