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The drinks cabinet is perhaps the ultimate storage piece for those who love vintage and retro furniture and enjoy a little tipple too. Whether you’re looking to add a sense of occasion to your evening gatherings and cocktail parties, or simply want to add a little vintage character to your living space, a globe drinks cabinet from the early 20th century is an effortlessly cool and unique option. This feature piece is reminiscent of decadent Gatsby-esque parties: inject a touch of this old-school Hollywood glamour into your home with an authentic globe drinks cabinet from our online marketplace. Browse for these and other items from the same era, and add a personal twist to the look of your home.

Globe drinks cabinets: what to look for

This distinctive piece has made an appearance many times in popular culture for its supreme kitsch nature and irresistible charm. For those who can’t resist a touch of that unmatchable 1920s to 1930s chic, this is the perfect commemorative piece for you.

First seen in the period between World War I and II, the globe drinks cabinet is indicative of the indulgence and decadence of the roaring 20s, when hosting elegant cocktail parties at home became the thing to do. However, this piece is extremely relevant to modern life, too, and works just as well as part of a contemporary interior look as with a traditional one.

The materials used during the 1920s and 1930s are those synonymous with the unique Art Deco movement, and can be seen in many of the globe drinks cabinets from the time. Look for pieces crafted from heavily lacquered luxury woods such as mahogany, walnut and rosewood. Chrome details are also typical of this period of work, as is the (at the time) newly invented Bakelite.

Look for stained glass and frosted glass details, and a general balance between natural and man-made materials. The same is true of Art Deco furniture forms and shapes, with the most popular furniture and accessories from this period blending primarily geometric lines with organic ones. The result is a structured yet wonderfully fluid design theme that at once creates calm whilst exciting the eye.

Globe drinks cabinets offer a charming way to entertain guests. With room to store bottles and glasses, as well as a space to put ice, you can make a real occasion of serving drinks when you’re using it, or simply have it as a wonderful feature piece for your living room, dining area or hallway.

Many of these globe drinks cabinets are mounted on elegant chrome casters and have wheels, which makes them easy to move around and customise the look of your room with ease and without the risk of damaging the cabinet or the floor it rests on.

Globe drinks cabinets: embracing vintage furniture

As well as its inimitable charm, an original globe drinks cabinet is an example of the quality typical of vintage furniture. Crafted from quality materials and designed to last, vintage furniture is a far cry from the cheap, disposable flat pack stuff of the modern furniture scene.

Choosing authentic vintage furniture is a surefire way to get a quality item that will not lose quality or functionality and will give you years of use. Find gorgeous globe drinks cabinets and more Art Deco treasures at our online marketplace.