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Shabby Chic Dining Tables

Create a romantic, feminine interior with a shabby chic dining table from Vinterior. Find square, rectangular and circular shapes in well-used and distressed wood to help create a soft, homely atmosphere in your kitchen or dining room. Ornate, well-made tables in opulent styles that look like they’ve had a few hundred years of use. That’s what we’re aiming for here.

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Shabby chic dining tables: worn (but in a good way)

It’s all about wear and tear in our range of shabby chic dining tables. Imagine leaving a sturdy wooden Victorian table in a farmhouse kitchen for 200 years, say. Excited children, busy Christmases and jubilant birthday meals would all contribute to the furniture starting to look… well, a bit worn out. And that’s exactly what we want!

These tables all have plenty of stories to tell – or at least look as though they do. Curved legs and elaborate carvings in floral shapes contribute to the style. On a practical note, they also have handy features like extendable sections for when friends come for dinner, the odd drawer for cutlery and tilt tops for easy storage.

What is a shabby chic style dining table?

Shabby chic refers to interior design where furniture and décor has a lived-in feel. This can be achieved with older pieces from bygone eras or by giving newer tables a distressed look. Combine this with light-coloured furnishings, ornate vintage home accessories and nature-inspired artwork, and you’ve got a rustic look inspired by Victorian country kitchens or French castle chic. Have we got you hooked? Browse our full range of shabby chic furniture

Shabby chic dining tables with a history

Our range of dining tables contains hundreds of options to help you achieve a shabby chic style for your home. Browse second-hand oak, pine and walnut tables from the 1700s up to the present day to create English cottage, French farmhouse, classic chateau or Scandi looks.

Which era makes your heart sing? Perhaps an 19th century oak dining table or drop leaf dining table, or perhaps a striking 1950s dining table or a Scandinavian style dining table.

Creating a tatty look

How to make new wood look distressed? The main aim is to create superficial damage to items, so it looks like it’s been around for longer than it has. Sanding down edges, treating with vinegar, scrubbing with a wire brush or stabbing with metal implements. New looking paint can also be partly scrubbed off with sandpaper.

Shabby chic round dining tables

Shabby chic dining tables are big on curves, so our round dining tables are just the thing for tapping into this aesthetic. A circular table is perfect for sociable meals and family dinners, with everything easy to access and a convivial feel to events. Ornate legs help create a dreamy, rustic feel.

Creating a shabby chic home

Once you’ve picked out the perfect shabby chic dining table, browse our shabby chic dining chairs, sideboards and bookcases in this popular style to complete the look. Our furniture collection is carefully selected from over 1,800 professional sellers who are experts at what they do.

With the furniture sorted, it’s time to accessorise, accessorise, accessorise. The shabby chic style embraces a used appearance, so naturally colour schemes tend to be muted – picture chalky whites, dusky pinks, pale greens and gunmetal and you’re on the right lines. Browse our full range of vintage home decor for more.