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At any dinner party you host, it is inevitable that you will want to impress. From the food to the wine, the music to the lighting, nothing should be left to chance. But if you really want to make the right impression when you have friends and family over, you should always begin with the dining table. And what better way to showcase your creativity and give your guests an experience that is quite unique than to choose a dining table that is upcycled? Choose a one-of-a-kind upcycled piece that others won’t find down the aisle of their local high street shop or flat-pack store, and you can not only create the right ambience; you can also serve up a guaranteed conversation starter. Browse the furniture here on Vinterior and we think you’ll be amazed at some of the gems you will find.

What do upcycled dining tables look like?

An upcycled dining table can come in many shapes, sizes and designs. The only thing that limits the stylings of these products is the imagination of the craftsperson refurbishing the piece. Here at Vinterior, you’ll find tables that have simply been given a new lick of paint and had their legs replaced, right through to those that combine a whole host of materials borrowed from a range of different products.

Old school dining tables complete with benches can make for an interesting and unorthodox addition to any dining room. Sanded down, re-varnished and perhaps accompanied by plush cushions, this can really make for a great look.

If your dining area is a little quiet and neutral, perhaps you might consider going for a statement table that is a little bolder. Brightly coloured table tops are bang on trend right now, so keep a look out for a piece that has a clear personality. Alternatively, look out for wallpaper tables, which can bring a whole new lease of life to your room.

Regular dining table or upcycled dining table?

One of the advantages of buying upcycled furniture is the character that you’ll add to your home. After a hard day at work, why would you want to come home to a dining table that is average, uniform and just like every other table you have seen during the day? Your home should be a sanctuary, filled with items that inspire you and make you feel truly happy when you return from the daily grind, and so the power of an exciting, unique and unorthodox dining table should not be underestimated.

Not only do you prevent a salvageable item of furniture from being sent to landfill when you buy an upcycled piece, you may also find that your furniture is significantly more affordable than a new dining table.

Why Vinterior?

Browse the huge range of listings here on our online marketplace and you will see many wonderful dining tables from more than a thousand trusted sellers. While our upcycled options can be quite different from our vintage, antique and new products, there is one thing that all of our listings have in common: each has the power to add character and charm to your living space. Find your inspiration with Vinterior today and discover how you can make your home just that little bit more magical.

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