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Infinitely elegant and endlessly practical, vintage Danish sideboards are enjoying something of a renaissance right now. Frequently overlooked, the savvy and style-conscious homeowner is now rediscovering these pieces afresh and realising just how versatile they are. Danish sideboards are all about excellent design combined with functionality, making it difficult to believe that these practical items ever fell out of favour. Explore our website for inspiration on how to introduce a Danish sideboard to your living space.

Choosing Danish sideboards

Perhaps more than any other piece of furniture, sideboards epitomise the Danish love of solid wood combined with outstanding furniture design. These simple yet powerfully elegant pieces allow the quality of the wood to shine through and are deliberately unadorned, using instead form and shape to make a statement. Beautiful, broad surfaces showcase the colour and grain of the best-polished rosewood and teak redolent of the Art Deco hotels of the 1930s. Danish sideboards closely track the changes in style and design that took place during the last century, from the 1930s and 1940s through the post-war years to the heady days of the vibrant 1960s and 70s.

Sideboards are incredibly practical pieces of furniture and, right now, interior design is shifting its focus towards communal living, family dining and eating with friends, rediscovering togetherness as an antidote to the fast-paced modern digital era. So, if you have a dining room, then you need a sideboard. Ideal for storing good china and crockery, which was their original use, sideboards are also a great place for keeping table linen, beverages, toys, craft projects, books and all the other detritus of family life.

Incorporating Danish sideboards in the home

Sideboards look fabulous with a small lamp or decorative items on top whilst hiding away all your bits and pieces and minimising clutter, a key aspect of Danish design culture. Choose from the stunning taller rosewood pieces from the earlier years of the last century, some of which feature integral cocktail bars. Or opt for the low, longer look of the sixties to match a well-chosen dining table and chairs.

Sideboards are not just for dining areas, they can look equally impressive in lounges and sitting rooms and are the perfect way to keep things tidied away – well it wouldn’t be Danish if it didn’t have a purpose, would it? Lounges lend themselves to the low, long lines of pieces from the 1960s and 70s. With handy cupboards and drawers for all that electronic gadgetry, a Danish sideboard will help keep your living space tidy and is the perfect spot to display photos, statement ceramics and fresh flowers. Danish sideboards from the 1970s have a sharper appearance and feel and wouldn’t look out of place in a home office or studio setting.

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Our Danish sideboard collection will have you pondering over just which one you like best – there is something so deliciously tasty about these lovely pieces of sculptured wood. Minimalist, purposeful yet beautifully understated, it will be hard to choose just one and you will find yourself musing over which rooms in your home might benefit from this exciting new piece of furniture.

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