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Danish Antiques

Danish antique furniture brings you quality craftsmanship that has lasted the test of time, along with the Scandinavian focus on functionality and form. These antiques are over 100 years old and all have their own unique story to tell. You’ll find it in the grain of the wood, the little details and the evidence of expert craftsmen at work.

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Danish antiques
The term Danish antiques encompasses any piece of furniture which was created in Denmark over 100 years ago. The country has been at the forefront of design and manufacturing styles for centuries, and these pieces prove it. Many of our options date all the way back to the 1800s, where you’ll find darker woods, an emphasis on carvings and hand made detailing.

Clean lines, simplicity and an attention to function are often attributed to Scandinavian modern furniture styles, but Danish antiques are where the style began. Silhouettes play a large role in Danish antique furniture design, with oak, rosewood and pine favoured in the older designs. These beautiful materials usually come from the dense forests to the north of Denmark.

The 19th century saw a rise in the popularity of Danish furniture around the world, and especially in the UK. The top designers and architects of the era include Joseph Christian Lillie, known as the “father of Danish classicism”. Michael Gottlieb Brickner Bindesbøll followed behind and continued the trend for the classic styles we see today.
Styling Danish antique furniture
Danish antiques pair well with newer Scandinavian designs. They have clean lines and lighter woods in common. Style a Scandinavian modern sideboard with a Scandinavian antique rug. Or use a Danish antique desk in your home study, with Scandinavian modern armchairs to bring the look up to date.

If your Danish antique is the centrepiece of your room, it can perfectly complement Scandinavian modern lighting for a mixture of both old and new. If you prefer a fully antique lok in your home, you can browse our full collection of antique furniture from around the world.
Where to buy Danish antique furniture?
The best place to buy Danish antique furniture is online. We live in a global world where finding Danish antiques no longer means going all the way to another country or specialist antique shops. Instead, at Vinterior you can browse a huge range of styles and items with a few clicks of the button. Sort our antiques by material, item, style and more, and find your perfect match.

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