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A room is simply not complete or finished unless it is beautifully and functionally lit. Choosing lighting may seem straightforward at first glance, but getting the right fixtures and the right blend of lighting “layers” can actually be a complicated art form. From ceiling lights to wall sconces; floor lamps to table lamps, putting a bit of thought into your lighting solutions can really pay dividends. For some of the most beautiful lighting options available today, why not consider opting for Vintage Danish lighting? Browse our listings today and you will find that the Danes really do know a thing or two about illumination.

Why choose Danish lighting?

Lighting is undoubtedly an artistic endeavour. To get things right you need to understand how each light you choose will interact with its surroundings, catching the eye in its own right and throwing light on to other pieces of furniture in a room – be it a kitchen, lounge, study or bedroom. Whatever your lighting requirements, whether you are looking for central overhead pieces or striking table lamps or wall lights, the range of Danish lighting we offer at Vinterior can optimise the beauty of your home combining practicality with stylish design. The location of lighting and the type of lighting can completely change a room both for good and ill. A beautiful but badly lit room can transform from gloomy and dull to bright and vibrant, or even subtle and seductive with the right illumination.

Among the many Danish lights you will find here at Vinterior are classic, industrial pendant lights. Diffusers can come in both metal and glass, and may vary in colours. Aluminium pendant lights frequently feature lacquered shades in yellows and greens, creating a point of interest overhead. Copper, too, is a popular material in Danish pendant lights, the reflective surface throwing its own warm glow out across a room. Small copper, aluminium and even concrete pendants are popular fixtures above breakfast bars.

Well-positioned side lamps create a cosy ambience and add a subtle light to areas that do not need to be brilliantly illuminated. Because of this, it is possible to choose pieces which are also artistically decorative and perhaps shed their light in a more complex or different way. A floor standing lamp is ideal for reading placed next to a cosy armchair and Danish variations often feature rich wooden stands in teak or rosewood with subtle brass detailing.

Central lights with a slightly industrial feel of the 1950s are right on trend at the moment and they look marvellous set low over a dining or kitchen table and of course, these are locations where good, defined light is welcomed. Adjustable wall lighting is ideal for those rooms where bright light is required but then can be dimmed to provide a different more intimate atmosphere. They are a good option in a dining room or shared family space which may be home to many different activities.

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If you are looking to incorporate elegant and effective lighting in your home, look no further than Danish design. Here at Vinterior, our national network of more than a thousand trusted sellers ensure that we have the greatest selection of antique, vintage, retro and upcycled furniture anywhere in the UK. So, you no longer have to spend hours or days trawling through different shops and websites. Explore our website and let Vinterior help you shed a little light on your home.