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Stag Sideboards

Stylish. Modern. Clean. Pick up a gorgeous Stag sideboard and complete the beautiful mid century modern look of your home. The husband and wife team’s use of steel and strong woods is an iconic look that perfectly suits a sideboard.

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  • What is a Stag sideboard?

    Stag sideboards were designed by husband and wife team John and Sylvia Reid. It heralded a new world of post-war furniture design, at the beginning of the mid century modern design period. These iconic pieces contain the clean lines, natural grains of the wood and stylish, functional appeal we’ve come to expect from the post-war period. The term Stag sideboards usually refers to the Stag S Range, which has a very iconic look. They’re created from oiled teak and use L shaped handles and V shaped legs to stand out from other pieces. Each has different internal cupboard and drawer layouts, giving every one a unique feel. Combine the Stag sideboard with other pieces of Stag furniture for a sleek and chic feel to your home. The most popular piece at the time of creation was the Stag minstrel sideboard range. These were made from a much darker, mahogany wood. They retained a glossy, varnished look, while maintaining the smooth, sleek lines of other Stag designs. The handles are a distinctive round brass, which gives the sideboard a more antique feel than other Stag ranges. Match this with our antique furniture range for more mahogany designs.
  • Styling a Stag sideboard

    There are many ways to style a Stag sideboard, depending which option you go for. The darker wood and classic style of the Stag minstrel sideboard lends itself to antique accessories like trays, collectable glass, table lamps and other collectibles. While the lighter wood and more modern design of the Stag S Sideboard pairs with Scandinavian modern and modernist accessories. Any sideboard works well with a collection of vases on top, along with vintage rugs underneath. You could even use your Stag sideboard as the setting for a gallery wall full of wall art you love.

    Where to buy a Stag sideboard

    Stag sideboards are in popular demand. And some styles are more difficult to find than others. The Stag minstrel sideboard can be found in many antique shops across the country, while the popular Stag S sideboard is more difficult to find. At Vinterior, we have a range of styles to choose from, all from local boutiques and small furniture businesses. From the mid century modern look of the S sideboard to the dark wood and traditional brass handles of the Stag minstrel sideboard, we’ll help you find your perfect piece.

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