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Antique Chinese Sideboards

An exquisite antique Chinese sideboard has lots to offer any dining room, entrance hall or living space. If you’re looking for a furniture solution that isn’t just functional but can also add a genuine dash of character and intrigue to a space, a beautiful statement sideboard showcasing Chinese design could be perfect for you.Want to add a sprinkling of design flair that evokes ancient dynasties, Far Eastern charm, and oriental design? A red lacquered Chinese sideboard with crimson hues and handcrafted embellishments is sure to fit the bill. Highly sought-after, Chinese style sideboards are striking enough to provide a focal point to any room. Functional and beautiful, our thriving community of trusted sellers have only the most characterful and charming pieces in their collections. Check out our collection today and shop now.

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Antique Chinese sideboards for sale at Vinterior

Chinese furniture is very distinct and different from the kind of pieces that we may be used to in the U.K. and Europe – both in terms of material, colour and finish. This makes identifying a Chinese sideboard relatively easy. You don’t need a Master’s degree in furniture design to understand the typical features of Chinese sideboards.These items are often made from rosewoods or redwoods. These woods are given their name because of their marron tones. Hardwoods like these are also strong and durable which allows these sideboards to last a long time. In making cabinetry or tables, Chinese furniture makers traditionally finish the wood with a lacquer. This lacquered finish adds protection to the wood and makes it shine.Chinese sideboards may also be decorated with extravagant and stunning designs. This is done through detailed carvings or with intricate paintwork. Sometimes, they will be block painted in black or dark emerald greens. Other Chinese sideboards will be left in their natural reddish colour and be complemented with complicated patterns or paintings of dragons, landscapes or foliage. When the sideboard is left in its natural red colour these patterns and images are usually painted in gold colours to provide a contrast and stand out.

Why buy a Chinese sideboard?

There are many benefits in choosing a Chinese sideboard from our marketplace. First of all, they are convenient. In fact, all sideboards can be of great use in the home – whether it is to line a hallway and provide space for pictures, vases, lamps or even the telephone; or perhaps in a dining room to provide additional serving space at a dinner party when the dining table is already loaded with crockery and glassware. These sideboards tend to have a combination of drawers and cupboard-type storage. This is convenient when needing to store items of different sizes and shapes – such as linens, cutlery or just general clutter.Of course, the difference between a vintage or antique Chinese sideboard and a modern flat-pack option is in the quality of the build and the elegance of the design. They are incredibly beautiful pieces of furniture that add cultural charm to your home. There are few statement pieces that can match a Chinese sideboard and when you invest in one of these pieces you can always be guaranteed a conversation starter with your guests. By choosing to buy a Chinese sideboard, you’re guaranteed of a unique item to personalise your home. It’s great to come home after a hard day’s work and enjoy your surroundings that nobody else has.In the same breath, the uniqueness of these items can be financially beneficial, especially if you buy an antique Chinese sideboard. Chinese furniture is surging in demand and your purchase may become more valuable as it ages. Some purchases can easily be justified as investments.

Shop for Chinese style sideboards with Vinterior

Have the features and benefits of a Chinese sideboard got you redesigning your dining room in your head? Turn those visions into a reality and start browsing our marketplace to find the perfect Chinese sideboard for your home now.

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