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Vintage Display Cabinets  

Showcase a treasured collection or bring stylish storage to a space, with a vintage display cabinet that’s functional and fabulous. Our collection includes ornate carved wooden wonders, slim and streamlined minimalist designs and everything in between.

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Why pick a vintage display cabinet

Are you the proud owner of a carefully curated collection of trinkets? Or maybe you just love the idea of being able to see your most treasured picture frames and trinkets, wherever you are in a room?

A vintage display cabinet is the perfect choice for showcasing a few of your favourite things and elevating the look of a room.

Vintage display cabinets can be grand or modest, modern or antique; but they look great in any space. These purpose built cabinets are designed to give you a combination of closed cupboard space and open shelves, so you get the best of both worlds. Decorative items can take centre stage while essentials can be discreetly hidden away.

A vintage glass display cabinet lets you keep precious items like glassware and silverware safely out of reach, but proudly on display.

Display cabinets have been found in British and European homes throughout the 20th century and long before. So they come in a wide range of shapes, styles and sizes. Whether you love the formal style of 19th and early 20th century wooden cabinets, or the more laid back look of minimalist mid century styles, a vintage display cabinet bursting with your bric-a-brac adds character and personality to your home.

Finding the right vintage display cabinet

Choosing the right vintage display cabinet will depend on the size of the space you have to work with, what you’ll use it for and the décor in your room.

Most vintage display cabinets have at least two shelves where you can display your things loud and proud. They also usually have drawers for those bits and bobs you just don’t know where to put, and cupboards to store bigger items. Vintage display cabinets are really versatile, so they can go almost anywhere.

Dresser styles are delightful for country kitchens and armoire styles are lovely in bedrooms, living rooms and even landings and hallways. Fill a glass display cabinet with silverware and crockery and put it in the dining room for convenient close at hand storage that also looks great.

Vintage display cabinets at Vinterior

At Vinterior, we’ve sourced the best vintage display cabinets from our community of trusted sellers. Our impressive collection features display cabinets in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes, with a choice of wooden and glass doors, so you can either hide or show off your worldly goods. Search by size, condition, period, or even the number of shelves and drawers to find your perfect match.