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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products


Reclaimed Wood Bookcases

Bookcases are much more than a simple piece of storage. As well as displaying books, DVDs and ornaments (bringing colour and vibrancy to the surrounding space), they’re attractive pieces of furniture in and of themselves, and should be a strong, characterful addition to your home. Reclaimed wood bookcases are particularly appealing because of their rustic look. Through creative ingenuity and resourceful manufacturing, previously unwanted wood can be used to create a gorgeous bookcase, which is bursting with character and more than capable of withstanding the weight of whatever you choose to fill it with.From pigeon-hole style rustic wood bookshelves to store trinkets and mementos to behemoth second-hand wooden bookcases to store your ever-burgeoning collection of books, there’s sure to be something in our exclusive edit to suit your home.There really is no need to go anywhere else. A wide range of reclaimed wood bookcases is available on our, easy-to-navigate website. Explore Vinterior today to browse a stunning collection of reclaimed wood bookshelves, just waiting to fill your home.

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Why choose a reclaimed wood bookcase?

Reclaimed wood bookshelves can be made from a variety of different woods, providing the wood in question was not sourced from a newly felled tree. The most commonly used materials are beech, pine, oak and cedar, due to their durability and attractiveness. This variety of materials means that a reclaimed wood bookshelf can span a range of different aesthetics, from the light elegance of mid-century minimalism, to the stark drama of Scandinavian industrialism. It may be that you want a strong reclaimed theme across your interior, in which case you may wish to add side tables, chairs and even dressers that utilise reclaimed wood. Or perhaps you simply want to incorporate something different in your home; a statement bookcase that will catch the eye of your guests and start a conversation as it contrasts with your otherwise traditional furniture.The only limit is the creativity of the manufacturer.

Despite this variety of styles, there is one thing that links all reclaimed wood bookcases together: history. Every piece has its own unique story to tell, which will usually be written across its surface. The marks and scuffs from the wood's time as part of a school's ceiling beam, or an Edwardian sideboard, or even deck of a ship, will be left untouched in most cases; giving every bookcase its own particular character. Reclaimed wood bookcases are also some of the strongest available. This is because the wood chosen for their construction will have been carefully selected by the manufacturer, and any wood that would have been unsuitable discarded. This ensures the highest quality construction, from professional craftsmen. Reclaiming wood is also one of the most eco-friendly ways to make furniture. By shopping for reclaimed wood furnishings you are directly reducing the number of trees being felled. In order to preserve the history and charm of reclaimed wood furniture, it also undergoes very little treatment. Sanding back and a quick polishing are usually all that is required. Who knew buying a beautiful, strong bookcase could also make your home a little greener?

Why shop for second-hand wooden bookcases at Vinterior?

At Vinterior we are passionate about fine, characterful furniture. Our website contains rustic wood bookshelves from every era and aesthetic style, from early twentieth century grandeur to modern sleekness, but every single one is full of charm and made by expert designers. We are highly selective about who we do business with, dealing only with the most reputable brands, designers and traders. That is why, despite the size of our collection, you will find only beautiful, durable and highly useable pieces, ready to fill your home with style. So whether you're looking for a specific reclaimed wood bookcase, or simply searching for a bit of inspiration, browse through the Vinterior collection of beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces today.

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