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Mid Century Modern Shelves

Create a sleek and stylish look by decorating your home with mid century shelving units. Whether you want to stack mid century shelves full of your favourite books, ornaments or artwork, our collection can help you organise and display your favourite possessions with ease.

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Mid century shelving

True to the mid century style, our shelves offer simple and clean designs, and a stylish appeal. Functionality is above everything when it comes to mid century furniture, as can be seen with our shelves. We’ve got small wall shelves, ideal for smaller spaces and alcoves. We’ve got large bookshelves complete with multiple shelves, ideal for bookworms. And we also have shelving and cupboard combinations, ideal for keeping your home organised and clutter-free. From high quality brands to high quality materials, all of our mid century shelves are designed to give you a timeless and practical piece of furniture. Ercol, G Plan, Cado, String and Pilastro are just a few of the names in our collection. You’ll find the majority of our mid century shelves are teak, which was a popular strong and durable material used throughout the period. But we also have shelves made from oak, mahogany, rosewood and other woods to choose from. Find something to suit the rest of your furniture.

Choose mid century shelving units

There are so many reasons to choose mid century shelves for your home. For one thing, mid century shelves were built with durable materials. So they’re a great choice for someone who wants sturdy shelves that are going to last. Some of our shelves are 80 years old and yet they’re still going strong. Speaking of materials, you can use mid century shelves to create the right type of atmosphere and feel in your home. If you want to create a warm, welcoming and characterful home then mid century teak or oak shelves are the perfect choice for you. If you prefer to create a rich and luxurious feel go for a dark rosewood or mahogany shelving unit. Mid century shelving units look great in any room. Place yours in your living room, dining room, bedroom, study or hallway. And due to our variety of shapes and sizes, you’ll be able to find the right sized shelves for your space. Just like all mid century furniture, shelves from this era can complement any style. Try mixing your shelves with quirky postmodern furniture or match it with minimalist modernist furniture.

How to style mid century modern shelves?

Whether you choose mid century wall shelves or go for a mid century bookshelf, there are hundreds of ways you can style your shelves. Try colour coordinating your books. Why waste time alphabetising when you can sort your books by their colours and make a beautiful pattern on your walls? You can even break up the rainbow with some nature, by popping a pot or planter on your shelves. But shelves aren’t just for storing books. They can also provide an excellent decorative opportunity. Try adding some stunning brightly coloured vases, vintage artwork or intriguing sculptures to your shelves.

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