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Vintage Kitchen Dressers and Cupboards

If you’re looking for a unique piece of furniture for your home, a vintage kitchen cupboard is one of the best ways to pack in the personality. Often lovingly designed and created by master craftspeople, these characterful cabinets are built to last. Offering ample display and storage space for food stuffs, fine china and glassware, vintage kitchen cabinets are the ideal combination of practicality and style.
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  • Should I buy a vintage kitchen cupboard?

    Ah, the kitchen. The hub of the home, the centre of social activity. And a space that many of us associate with warmth, comfort and contentment. Little wonder then that we spend so much time agonising over that perfect kitchen design and configuration. Though many of us like the idea of a vintage kitchen cupboard, it can be difficult to know how to incorporate these often bulky yet gorgeous pieces of furniture. Tip #1 is to think practically. If you’re working with a narrow galley kitchen, a freestanding cabinet just isn’t going to work. It’s better to opt for reclaimed fittings or second-hand crockery to get your fix of vintage furniture. But have a lonely alcove or an open plan space crying out to be filled? A vintage kitchen cupboard could be the storage solution you’ve been searching for. Tip #2 is to think stylistically. Though there are some more industrial pieces that will complement a contemporary home, the majority of vintage kitchen cupboards work better in traditional, transitional or shabby chic style homes. If you’re looking for a heirloom piece that offer shed loads of character and storage space, a vintage kitchen cupboard could add the perfect finishing touch. Just ensure you measure your kitchen carefully before you make that initial investment.
  • Restoring vintage kitchen cupboards

    Though the majority of our vintage kitchen cupboards have been carefully preserved and restored, you may find that some have suffered a little wear and tear. Before you go in heavy with the sandpaper, it’s best to seek expert advice on restoration techniques. Our dealers are always happy to answer any queries you may have about damage, refurbishment and preservation. If you want to update your vintage kitchen cupboard to match existing decor, there are a number of easy modifications you can make. Consider switching out the hardware to match that of other fittings, painting or staining the wood or even adding a practical countertop. To maximise the storage space available, you could also use boxes or baskets to better organise your kitchenware.

    Vintage kitchen cupboards for sale

    By working with expert furniture dealers around the world, Vinterior is able to offer a range of vintage kitchen cupboards. From rustic wooden designs to striking glass fronted cabinets, there’s something for everyone keen to incorporate a little vintage magic into their home.