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Art Deco Bookcases

Intrigue. Drama. Opulence. Allow the 20s to come roaring into your home with one of our art deco bookcases. Take in the clean lines, fancy detailing and geometric shapes of these classic style art deco bookshelves.

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Add glamour with art deco bookcases

You’ve spent years building up your collection of books, picture frames, DVDs or trinkets. But now where to store them? We have some beautiful art deco bookcases that are just the thing.

What type of art deco bookcases can I buy?

Art deco bookcases come in all shapes and sizes. Choose from beautifully lacquered wood, the typical golds and blacks of the period, glass fronted art deco bookshelves and inviting geometric patterns.

Go for art deco bookcases with storage. Decorate the top with picture frames, vases, books, DVDs and other trinkets. While the bottom is great for storing away those less aesthetically pleasing items.

Choose art deco bookshelves with glass doors. They’re ideal for getting those trinkets on display without having to worry about dust or damage.

Select an upcycled art deco bookcase. Add intrigue to your room with a bookcase made from a former larder, wardrobe or even a book trough.

How to style art deco bookshelves?

Art deco bookcases are made to be styled. The 20s were all about adding as many luxurious materials and opulent styles as possible. And there are plenty of ways to decorate them.

  • Display your favourite items. The most obvious way to style your art deco bookshelves is to get those beautiful things you have out on display. Books, picture frames, candle holders, DVDs and art all make great additions to your shelves.

  • Think about the surroundings. If you’re going full art deco, there are plenty of ways to add this glamorous style to the room. Try a chandelier or pendant light in the centre of the room. Or an art deco table lamp could sit on the shelves for a warm addition to the room. To really complete the look add an art deco rug as well.

  • Where to buy art deco bookcases?

    The perfect art deco bookcases can be hard to find, so it’s often best to shop online. Gone are the days of searching high and low in antiques shops and boutiques. Now you can support local businesses and find the right item for you in just a few clicks with Vinterior.

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