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A beautiful bookcase is a stunning focal point of many a living space, home study, bedroom or hallway. Proudly display your favourite books, or store precious publications in a piece of furniture that is as beautiful as the objects it contains with an Art Deco bookcase. Find the perfect Art Deco bookcase, and browse the vast collection of authentic Art Deco furniture items today at Vinterior.

How to spot Art Deco bookcases

During the boom of industry in between the two World Wars, France created and developed the style of Art Deco, a futuristic-themed decorative arts movement that seemed to pick up where the Art Nouveau trend left off.

Considered by some to be the cultural embodiment of a craving for regularity and order, Art Deco favoured geometric, homogenous patterns, laminate surfaces and bold statement shapes. Art Deco bookcases typically feature near perfect symmetry and regularity. Rectangular shaping and richly lacquered wood finishes in walnut, oak, maple and other classic woods are notable favourite materials.

Glass-fronted Art Deco bookcases may also feature the classic sunburst design created during the period, with some pieces even flaunting chrome detail, leather inlays and diamond-shaped handles. Reminiscent of classic Hollywood film sets, Art Deco furniture has stood the test of time for its enduringly iconic and recognisable style and because it is known as one of the highest quality labels for decorative arts of the mid-20th Century.

While the Art Deco style may feel like quite a bold move in your home, it can actually be a particularly useful addition to many different styles. If going bold and brave is your thing, then it may be that your Art Deco bookcase matches the other statement pieces in your home – a sophisticated retro living room, for example. But you may find that an Art Deco bookcase is just as suited to a study or living space that is otherwise calm and neutral. If your home has clean, calm paintwork and simple soft furnishings, an Art Deco bookcase in the corner of your room could be just the quirk you need to bring that space to life and even create a talking point for your guests.

Vintage and Retro Furniture for the 21st Century

Buying vintage, retro, antique and upcycled furniture has become an increasingly popular way to decorate one’s home. In an era filled with homogenous, mass-produced and disposable furniture, we crave uniqueness and a way to add character to our homes without following the crowd.

Vintage pieces like the authentic Art Deco bookcases found at Vinterior are a wonderful way to bring character and style to your home.

Discover the beauty that comes from centuries of craftsmanship and find the perfect piece of furniture to complete your home at Vinterior. As well as the aesthetic value, many vintage items of furniture are simply built to last and are of a much higher quality than comparable modern furniture. Enjoy years of reliable use from pieces from decades and even centuries ago, as well as gaining a piece that is unique.

Find stunning Art Deco bookcases with Vinterior

Express your unique personality with a beautiful Art Deco bookcase, and show off all of those wonderful books you’ve managed to compile over the years. Rather than tucked away or getting dusty, bring those titles and stories back to life at an arm’s reach for another member of your family, or even a bookish family friend or guest.