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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Vintage Road Signs

Trying to think of ways to decorate the inside and outside of your home in new and innovative ways can be tough. Well, have you ever considered adding a vintage road sign to your home? An old road sign from the UK can be a unique addition to your décor that intrigues visitors. Or, they may make a great home in a café or bar to fit in with an ongoing theme. They often come with a lovely backstory too and are a great conversational piece. You don’t need to go breaking the law in the middle of the night to get your hands on some vintage road signs. You can get these items here on our marketplace. Browse through the current vintage road sign listings and you’ll see there are many options available.

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What to look for in vintage road signs

Vintage road signs come in different shapes, colours and sizes. To narrow down their features can be somewhat tricky as there really aren’t too many limitations to the origin or nature of these signs. Vintage signs may come from almost any country and may be decades old. In fact, browse our listings and you will see examples not just from Britain but from mid-20th century France and even further afield.

Not surprisingly, authentic vintage signs can be a little worn. They may have marks, signs of minor damage or other imperfections. However, this all adds to the charm of the piece and gives it that sense of identity that will really make a difference in your home – no matter whether you use it to line your hallway or place it on your mantlepiece.

Vintage road signs will often be made from various metals, or you may even find some older signs made from wood. These signs may display house numbers, warning signs or street names. Not all signs will be written in English.

Why buy a vintage road sign?

Some vintage road signs are aimed to be placed outside your home such as house numbers. These are added next to your front door or onto your gate. Some countries have stereotypical house number signs. If you get one of these vintage signs, you can add a cultural aspect to your home that every passer-by will see. Although, these house numbers don’t have to be placed outside your property. Some will be just as impressive and cultural on your kitchen wall.

Aside from house numbers, vintage street signs of street names or warnings can be a quirky addition to your home, adding real character and interest. If these signs are foreign they can also add a cultural aspect to your décor.

As mentioned, by choosing vintage road signs you can expect some evidence of the sign’s age. This can add rustic charm and character to the piece which will intrigue visitors even more about where it comes from and its backstory.

Shop for vintage road signs with Vinterior

If the idea of a vintage road sign has caught your eye and you can already see how you might use one within your interior design – in a kitchen, hallway or even bedroom – then don’t hesitate to explore our listings. As the UK’s leading online marketplace for heritage and unique furniture, we offer the very best selection of vintage road signs you’ll find. So find your inspiration right here today.

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