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Vintage Enamel Signs

Vintage enamel signs are a stylish and effortless way to add a more character and charm to your home. Whether you feel like something’s missing in your kitchen or want to add a splash of colour and vintage appeal to your bathroom, an enamel sign is just what you need.

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  • What are vintage enamel signs?

    Vintage enamel signs are brightly coloured signs that were originally used to advertise businesses or as signs in workplaces. They’re vintage because enamel signs can date back to the 1800s.

    You’ll find signs that advertise products, such as food, cigarettes, or petrol, and business services. There are also vintage enamel signs that were used in factories or other workplaces to depict instructions or warnings.

    Vintage enamel signs were often found on public transport, on the side of buildings or outside shops. But nowadays, these gorgeous vintage pieces are an excellent home décor accessory that can add warmth and character to your walls.

  • Why choose vintage enamel signs?

    You don’t always have to re-design your rooms to create a different vibe or spark a new ambience.

    Sometimes adding a few personal touches here and there is all it takes to bring your living room or dining room together. And that’s exactly what a vintage enamel sign can do for you.

    Our collection of eye-catching, colourful vintage signs are sure to impress your guests and keep your home feeling fresh.

    And with enamel signs for less than £100, even the most budget-conscious interior designer can find just what they need to transform their walls.

    Vintage enamel signs can complement any number of styles. Which makes them the perfect accessory for any home, room or style. We recommend pairing one of our vintage enamel signs with industrial furniture or rustic furniture. But these versatile signs really do go with any style, so don’t be afraid to mix things up and get creative.

    And as though you need any more reasons, a vintage enamel sign can add a much needed splash of colour to your walls. Our boutique sellers stock colourful enamel signs that suit every home’s or office’s colour scheme. Choose from blue, yellow, red or green coloured signs.

  • How to style enamel advertising signs?

    Quirky. Unusual. Visually appealing. Vintage enamel advertising signs look flawless in any room. Choose to fix a traditional food brand sign to your kitchen wall. Or show your quirky side with a tea advertising sign in your office’s break room. The best part about an enamel advertising sign is that they don’t need a lot of styling because they look perfect everywhere.

    But if you do want to add some more accessories to style your sign, we recommend choosing home decor from the same era. For example, if you choose an advertising sign from the 1960s you could pair it with a 1960s rocket floor lamp.

    Enamel signs are fantastic decorative pieces. Looking for even more? We also have vintage signs made from steel, plastic, wood, gold and many other materials.