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Sometimes, it’s all about the accessories when it comes to adding a little extra style to your space, and enamel signs are the perfect addition to many different room designs. Whether you’re styling your kitchen, bedroom or a commercial premises, vintage enamel signs can make a huge difference to the ambience and atmosphere. With such an impressive range of options to pick from, it couldn’t be easier to bring the look you’ve been hoping for to your room.

Why choose vintage enamel signs?

Here at Vinterior, we know the importance of adding just the right finishing touches to any room to create a unique feel. And if you’ve never considered original vintage metal signs, then it’s time you took a browse through our listings.

Colourful, visually appealing and unusual, they bring a completely different aesthetic to a space and can be a wonderful focal point in any home or business premises. Vintage advertising signs come in such a range of shapes, sizes, colours and types that it couldn’t be easier to find the right one for you. Whether you want an enamel sign that advertises traditional food brands to complement your vintage-inspired kitchen or whether you’re searching for a vintage house number plate to boost your property’s kerb appeal, you’re sure to find just what you’re seeking.

Choosing an enamel sign

With such a wealth of enamel signs to browse, it isn’t always easy to find precisely what you’re searching for. The best starting point is always to consider what effect you wish to achieve before making your final decision. Enamel advertising signs are available showcasing a vast array of vintage products – from foodstuffs to tyres.

This means you should think about the vibe of the space you’re decorating so you can choose something which complements its purpose and theming. While choosing an enamel sign, look for colours that work with your existing décor, as well as shapes that either prove to be the focal point you desire or which will blend in wonderfully with your existing accessories and wall coverings.

Incorporating old enamel signs into your home

Antique enamel signs are surprisingly easy to incorporate into your home, whether you’ve opted for a contemporary or minimalist look, a vintage-inspired décor or a rustic theme. Since there are plenty of different types of enamel signs for sale, you’ll be able to browse for something that’s tailored to your space and your own ideas.

For example, a food product advertising sign is ideal for bringing vintage appeal to your kitchen, while an antique sign advertising tyres or petrol will look perfect in a garage or workshop. Meanwhile, an old enamel house number plate will make any home really stand out from the street, uplifting your exterior and even creating a conversation starter with your guests.

Why shop for enamel signs at Vinterior?

Although there are lots of different types of enamel sign available for sale these days, it’s important to make sure that the one you’ve chosen is packed with character and stands out – just as a sign should. There are lots of replicas on the market these days which lack the authentic look and feel of the original. Here at Vinterior, we always take the time to ensure that items on our site are high-quality and genuine, so you can get the look you’ve been hoping for when decorating and accessorising your home.