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Art Deco Posters

Give you home an instant dose of glamour with an art deco poster. These gorgeous prints bring bright pops of colour and instant vintage style in spades. Liven up a hallway or staircase, or bring art deco style to every little corner of your home.
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Glamorous art deco posters

Add an art deco poster and take your home back to the glamorous 1920s and 30s instantly. These gorgeous prints take you to Hollywood film sets, chic seaside towns on the french riviera, or cool bars where you can sip on iconic drinks. Art deco style is all about bold colours, geometric patterns and a sense of opulence. You’ll find all this and more in our collection. Whether you want to add a touch of art deco to a more muted mid century modern home, or this is the finishing touch to a room full of art deco furniture, we have you covered.

How to style your art deco poster?

When it comes to art deco the general rule is more is more. Golds and silvers set off deep blues, greens and reds. And geometric patterns celebrate clean lines and a sense of optimism. Here are some tips to keep your art deco prints and posters looking fabulous in their new home.
  • Perhaps the most art deco way to style your poster is to pair it up with a bar cart or art deco cocktail cabinet. Hang it on the wall above and pair it with gorgeous vintage glassware, trays and your coolest bottles.
  • Create a gallery wall of all your favourite pieces. Add vintage posters from other eras, art deco paintings, more muted drawings and your favourite photos in a vintage picture frame. If you’re going full art deco a glitzy mirror combined with your poster and some artsy photography prints will really set the tone.
  • Combine styles and pair your art deco travel poster with a mid century modern sideboard. These simple, elegant pieces come in muted designs and offer clean lines and a focus on functionality. Adding a pop of colour above in the form of your poster is the perfect way to liven up the area.
  • Where to buy art deco posters UK?

    The best place to buy art deco posters UK is with Vinterior. Our online marketplace brings you the best from over 1,800 sellers in the UK and beyond. Support local businesses, save precious vintage pieces from landfill and find a gorgeous art deco travel poster for your home in just a few clicks.