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Light scaping to any garden is essential to ensure you can add structure, safety and aesthetic to your garden. This is also to ensure you can use your garden despite the limited exposure of the sun, especially on winter days.

Outdoor wall lamps on Vinterior

This search page provides a great variety of often popular and common types of outdoor wall lamps so you can add some character to your home. There will be no reason after this to not invite loved ones for a BBQ on a summer evening. Adding outdoor wall lamps means your garden is more accessible, interactive and provides an experience and not just a function.
As always, ensure that the lighting is rewired to your country depending on the origin of the outdoor wall lamp. Make sure that the outdoor wall light is properly wired according to your country’s safety regulations in case of humid conditions.

Most popular and common uses of outdoor wall lamps

The great thing about outdoor wall lamps is that they can fit to any vertical space on your home

What are other benefits of outdoor wall lamps?

- They can shine light sideways or downwards, illuminating your way without blinding your eyes.
- They add depth to garden and house walls.
- They mark path and garden boundaries.
- Provide ambient lighting for garden entertaining, safety, and security.
- Offer gentle lighting to brighten featured areas of your garden.
- They highlight your home’s architecture.
They offer guidance for task lighting for outdoor activities.

Most popular styles and common types of outdoor wall lamps

Vinterior’s search page for outdoor wall lamps provides a great variety for your home, whether you are in the UK or international-based.

Wall Mount Sconces

This style offers downlight, down/uplight combinations, spotlight, 180-degree, and 360-degree light spread.

Recessed Wall Lights

This style can cast a glow downward and sideways.

The Industrial Look

Often made with brass, aluminium or copper, this style boomed in Scandinavia in the 1970-80s. This is the perfect style to add texture, sheen and gloss in contrast to the vegetation of your garden.

The Glass Look

Often associated with the traditional, antique look, this style provides a secure and timeless classical style to your home, especially if your building is listed. Look for textures such as glass or shapes that are plant-inspired or delicately curved.