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Vintage Advertising Posters

Quirky. Stylish. Interesting. Add a statement piece to your home from our collection of vintage advertising posters. Choose whimsical designs, classic brands or chic black and white. Add to a gallery wall or let your new vintage advertising poster be the star of the show.
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Add interest to any wall

Have a bare wall in the kitchen? Want to add vintage style to your walls? Or simply love iconic brands? We have the vintage advertising poster for you. Our gorgeous range of vintage advertising posters takes you back in time. Visit 30s France, Berlin in the 80s or Sweden in the 50s. You’ll find brands you love too. Have an iconic gin brand you just can’t live without? A favourite luxury car brand? Or food and drink? We have you covered. Add intrigue, style and whimsy to any room in your house with our selection of old advertising posters.

Styling vintage advertising posters

There’s a vintage advertising poster for every room. And every style.
  • In the kitchen, pair your vintage advertising poster with vintage bowls and other vintage kitchenware. Place it above a vintage sideboard for the full effect.
  • Bring an old advertising poster into the dining room. Place it above your dining table. Or add an extra bit of chic to cocktail hour and pair it with a bar cart.
  • Most living rooms centre furniture around a TV or bookshelves. But what about the wall opposite? Add one of these vintage advertising posters to add visual interest above your vintage sofa.
  • Vintage advertising posters even look great in the bathroom. Be sure to frame them for protection against steam and water. And then place yours above a vintage cabinet.
  • Your bedroom deserves some love too. Add a poster above your bed or dressing table.

    Vintage French advertising posters

    Vintage French advertising posters add style, sophistication and ever-chic French designs to your home. Pair them with our French antique furniture and you’ll have a gorgeous, effortlessly cool French feel in any room. Shop for vintage advertising posters with Vinterior and enjoy beautifully preserved pieces which have been carefully selected by our experts. We work with over 1,800 boutique shops and antiques stores to ensure you find the best vintage goodies for your home. Plus, support local businesses when you shop at Vinterior.