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Ageless in their design and accessibility, shabby chic console tables have had a welcome place in people’s homes for centuries. Serving a multitude of both aesthetic and functional purposes throughout the home, these items offer something extra special to any space that very few other pieces of furniture can. With a huge range, varying from beautiful contemporary pieces to characterful ornate ones, you won’t struggle to find the perfect addition to your home. Browse our online marketplace at Vinterior today and you are sure to find your perfect match no matter what your preference.

Why choose a shabby chic console table?

Universally loved for their pleasing design and robust use, a shabby chic console would be a welcome addition to any space in your home. Consider adding a rustic cherry blossom shabby chic console table to your entryway and the warmth of the piece will welcome you and your guests through to your living area. To take this look to the next level, why not combine with a small worn leather chair or soft ottoman to make your console table a comfortable greeting place for anyone who enters your home.

Your perfect shabby chic console table can also easily be as dramatic and eye catching in your bedroom. Add a mirror to a slender and shallow console table with a pair of drawers and you have a space-saving vanity space, where you can prepare for the day ahead each morning. Indeed, a French shabby chic console table will instantly add a touch of class and sophistication to your bedroom no matter what your existing colour scheme or design. Even if your space is otherwise modern with lots of whites and creams, adding the texture and warmth of a wood-topped console table will provide a nice contrast and make your private space feel more homely. Mixing things up with a soft light source such as a delicate lamp will also offer extra ambience.

Why shop for shabby chic console tables with Vinterior?

No matter what your requirement; whether it be function, style or a healthy combination of the both; you are sure to find it here at Vinterior. You’ll see an array of styles, bursting full of innovation and craftmanship. All of our pieces shine with the loving dedication and great craftmanship that has gone into them.

Browse our listings and you will also find contemporary and reclaimed items for any modern spaces you wish to complement; and with truly unique and ornate pieces you are sure to find a piece to be a focal point of any room and have your guests talking about it long after they’ve left.

We sell new, too

The more modern and contemporary look is not something you have to compromise on when considering a shabby chic console table. Browsing through our online store you will realise just how vast the array of choice is. Have you considered a unique piece such as an industrial style slate grey sideboard? Finished with renowned Annie Sloan graphite paint and lime waxed, this piece is truly eye catching. The distinctive grain of the wood shines through the slick finish. The sleek and refined design of the piece mean it will slot into any dining or kitchen area comfortably; not only bringing a beautiful new aesthetic but with multiple drawers and large surface area also bringing a useful and practical element.

From practicality to beautifying spaces, a shabby chic console table really covers any need no matter what you desire it for. And with our huge selection here at Vinterior you are sure to find and fall in love with your perfect piece. Browse our online store today.

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