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When it comes to choosing a console table, coordinating style and aesthetics with your existing decor is easy because there are plenty of different types to choose from. And if you are looking to add a touch of Italian glamour to your home, an Italian console table could be the right choice for you. Italian designers are globally renowned for their prodigious talent and high quality craftsmanship and they have been manufacturing console tables for centuries. Whether you want an antique, Rococo style or a slick, simple modernist model, you’ll be able to find it amongst the wealth of products available. What’s more, you don’t need to make lots of calls or take a return flight to Italy to get an authentic and impressive Italian console table. You can get them right here at Vinterior when you start browsing our digital aisles today!

Why choose an Italian console table?

A console table can be an exceptionally beautiful and eminently useful addition to your current furnishings. First developed in the 16th century, a console table is a tall, slim table that was initially designed to fit against the ‘pier wall’ – the space between two windows, which gives the object its alternative name: a ‘pier table’.

Not only are they stylish; Italian console tables are made from an array of different materials. Some are made using lacquered or painted wood whilst others are made from brass and may even have a marble top. They might feature dramatic, modernist lines or be replete with ornate neoclassical details. They differ in size and shape, too, from long and rectangular to small and square. Some are designed to slot into the corner of a room, adopting a curved shape with one singular leg to add much needed surface space to smaller rooms or hallways.

Italian console tables make a fantastic first impression when placed in an entrance hall, but you don’t necessarily have to leave them there! They work well as TV stands, telephone tables and look fabulous when used to display a carefully chosen selection of books and photographs. They can even be used as a makeshift home bar! Occasionally they feature handy drawers or inbuilt mirrors, making them perfect for use as a dressing table in the bedroom.

The exceptional versatility of the Italian console table means that no matter how much space you have, there will be a model that fits your home perfectly.

Why shop for Italian console tables with Vinterior?

Vinterior is an online antique and vintage marketplace displaying items from over one thousand trusted sellers. If you’re looking for an Italian console table to add the striking finishing touch your living space has been looking for, look no further than our extensive collection. We cherry pick every vendor for their commitment to finding the very best examples of antique and vintage furniture so when you shop with us, you can rest assured that you’ll find the high quality you expect.

We sell new, too

Don’t forget that as well as selling the very best examples of antique and vintage design on the market, here at Vinterior we also sell new and upcycled furniture, too. So if you’re looking for a cutting edge example of an Italian console table, look no further.