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If you want a way to make your home decor look truly individual, why not start by looking to the past. Retro furniture is an easy way to create a distinctive look which you can be sure won’t be seen in every home in the neighbourhood. Furniture design of yesteryear was high quality, with items made from beautiful materials. This is the reason than vintage furniture is still so popular today, remaining in excellent condition despite the years that have passed. If you want to take a closer look at retro furniture and the different styles, browse through our online marketplace here at Vinterior. With a wide variety available, we can help inspire you to find retro furniture for your home.

Retro furniture: why bring heritage into the home?

Retro style is bang on trend but there are so many more reasons to pick vintage furniture than to simply follow the fashion. If your pet hate is having the same furniture as everyone else in your crowd, or walking into a room and finding they have the same sofa as you, retro furniture could be the answer. When you buy vintage, there’s often only one style in stock and to find a particular make or design you’ll need to determinedly track it down. This makes buying the same furniture as your friends extremely unlikely.

As well as being a cu above the norm, retro furniture was built to last, created in an era of craftsmanship and skill. Without modern technology or access to large quantities of cheaper, more flimsy materials, furniture was stronger, solid and a real investment.

If you’re passionate about looking after the planet, vintage and upcycled furniture is also the obvious choice. Reducing demand on current resources, buying retro furniture reduces your carbon footprint instantly by re-using what’s already available. No-one wants to see good quality furniture go to waste, and with vintage there’s an enormous choice so going green doesn’t have to mean a compromise.

Using retro furniture in your home

If you are interested in using retro furniture but aren’t sure how to go about it, take a look at Vinterior to get some ideas on style. You’ll find a wide selection in both furniture and accessories, some of which works just as well in a contemporary decor too. The great thing about retro designs is that you can be as subtle or dramatic as you want.

If you want just a couple of pieces to slot in with a modern design, look for clean lines and angular, structural pieces that aren’t too complex or fussy. These suit a more modern setting and most people would be amazed to discover that they’re vintage.

On the opposite end of the scale, you can kit out an entire room with retro furniture and accessories, or pick a large statement piece which is bold and striking. From sophisticated French dressers to Art Deco sofas, it’s entirely up to your personal preference what pieces you pick.

Shop for retro furniture with Vinterior

If you are not quite sure yet what type of retro furniture you like, spend some time browsing through the vast range available here on the Vinterior marketplace. With a wide range of styles for every room in the house, you’ll be able to find vintage accessories and furniture that you love. And with so many styles and eras represented you’ll be sure to find a healthy dose of inspiration for future projects, too.