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Rattan dining chairs first came onto the market in Europe during the 1930s and 40s after the potential of rattan as a strong natural construction material was realised. Its aesthetic appeal combined with its impressively durable nature led to rattan furniture becoming the latest trend of the era. While synthetic rattan is now a popular option for outdoor seating and other furniture, there is something special about this woven finish when used within the home. Browse Vinterior today and discover what vintage rattan dining chairs could do for your décor.

Rattan dining chairs: how we got here

Dining together has been a feature of family life as long as civilisations have existed. Dining chairs, however, are relatively recent entrants into the homes of ordinary families.

During the Roman period, for example, dining took place on loungers and couches, and during the Medieval period, most people sat on benches. It was only kings and lords who were lucky enough to have a chair to sit on. Dining chairs began to make their way into private homes, although still only those with sufficient wealth, by the end of the 17th century, and many families could claim to have an attractive set of dining chairs 100 years later.

The Victorians took dining chairs to new decorative levels. Their dark wood styles were highly ornate with carving and detailing designed to impress. By this era, even poorer families usually had dining chairs in their homes, although they would have been considerably more basic and functional. By the 20th century, almost every home in the land had a dining table with matching chairs, and today, they are a dining room essential.

Rattan dining chairs became popular in homes throughout the 20th century, and can still be seen today. From slender, curved rattan seats attached to slim hairpin metal legs, to sturdy 1950s bentwood chairs with curved arms and a solid teak frame, there are many examples of rattan being used to create warm, welcoming and relaxed dining chairs.

If you are looking to create a grand and ostentatious dining space these pieces may not be for you. But if you want your eating area to be fun, welcoming and a little less formal, rattan dining chairs are great options. These chairs are also surprisingly versatile, complementing everything from a farmhouse dining table to an industrial theme; a shabby chic environment to an eclectic bohemian vibe.

Taking into account the exotic nature and heritage of the material, vintage chairs made from rattan generally have a more curving and aesthetically appealing style.

Shop for a vintage rattan dining chair with Vinterior

While you could buy modern rattan dining chairs today, the distinctive differences make the vintage versions a lot more appealing. Vintage rattan dining chairs exude their own unique personality and character. They bring a touch of authenticity and heritage into your home, while helping you to express an eclectic personal flair. They also represent great value for money since they have been built to last.

Here at Vinterior we specialise in beautiful vintage and antique decorative items and furnishings to bring the past to life in the home. Our collection of stunning vintage rattan dining chairs is sure to inspire you to bring a unique sense of aesthetic elegance into your home. Browse our collection today and find inspiration for your next interior project.