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Of all vintage and antique pieces of furniture, rocking chairs are among the most in demand. Once seen as the preserve of old ladies and nursing mothers, the appeal of rocking chairs is swiftly returning. And with a vintage rattan rocking chair you can showcase your own eye for style, elegance and individuality. Browse the Vinterior range today.

Rattan rocking chairs in the home

The rocking chair first emerged in the early 1700s, although it took almost a century to really take off. Originally used in hospitals, they began to spread to private homes as people recognised the comfort and relaxation they could afford.

Although there are several distinctive styles of rocking chair, the rattan version has quite a unique aesthetic. Rattan furniture today is most commonly associated with the garden, however it can actually be an incredibly impactful look in the home. Not only is rattan durable, flexible and easy on the eye, it also complements a range of interior styles – including rustic, shabby chic, Scandinavian and bohemian styles.Originally exported from Indonesia, rattan was used for a wide variety of household items, and everything from magazine racks to furniture could be found made of this strong and surprisingly robust material.Today, there are very few rattan rocking chairs seen in modern stores. But this means that by turning to the beautiful vintage options here on our online marketplace you can introduce a look to your living room, garden room or study that won’t be replicated in every home around the country.

Features of a rattan rocking chair

As a material for furniture such as chairs and bed frames, rattan is similar to bamboo. Yet it is much more durable and robust, and this led to its surge in popularity in the early 20th century. Rattan is often left in its natural colouring, although some rattan rocking chairs have been painted, often in white or cream, for a more light and airy feel.

There are several styles of rattan rocking chair, from those made entirely from rattan and which were designed to be used with cushions, to those that combine rattan with hardwoods. The shapes are often similar – usually with a reclined back and decorative arms, although some pieces have extremely distinctive shapes. Rattan rocking chairs come in both adult and child sizes and bring a touch of classic and slightly exotic style into any room of the home.

Are vintage rattan rocking chairs for you?

While rattan furnishings are just as popular as ever today, more commonly they are seen in their synthetic form for use outdoors in gardens and yards. Rattan rocking chairs made by modern manufacturers are rarely seen, and therefore finding a vintage chair is a great way to incorporate a touch of exotic yet traditional style into your room.

As rattan is surprisingly durable, you’ll also be confident of choosing a piece of furniture which is going to stand the test of time. You’ll never need to worry about damage or breakage. Of course, you’ll also be bringing heritage and character to your home – something which you can’t achieve with a modern piece of furniture.

Find rattan rocking chairs at Vinterior

We specialise in bringing together a collection of gorgeous antique and vintage furniture that is sure to inspire you to look to the past for your interior design. We have a stunning range of rocking chairs featured on our marketplace, courtesy of our network of more than a thousand trusted sellers. Discover our range of rattan rocking chairs today.