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You may be more familiar with rattan in its synthetic form as the material used in garden furniture. But explore our range of vintage rattan furniture and you will see that the real thing (made from wood) is a wonderful material that deserves a place in any home. First exported from its native land of Indonesia, it was used to make all kinds of furnishings and household items. In order to incorporate the warmth and informal charm of rattan furniture in your home, why not explore our collection of stunning rattan items, many of which date back to the early and mid-20th century.

The history of rattan furniture

While rattan items originated from the Far East, it eventually spread to Europe thanks to the style and exotic beauty of the many different items. Known for its elegant structure yet surprisingly strong and resilient, rattan was used to make everything from magazine racks to sofas.

During the mid years of the 20th century, rattan furniture was seen as the height of elegance, and pieces as varied as bed frames, bookcases, chairs and tables were seen in homes across the country.Explore Vinterior’s gorgeous rattan furniture range, and recapture the past in your home.

The features of rattan furniture

Rattan is a member of the palm family, and grows in long, tall stems, very similar to bamboo. Unlike bamboo, however, it is not hollow but solid inside, and this makes for a stylish outward appearance with a resilient and durable nature.

Rattan is a great material for making furniture since it is highly robust and long-lasting, yet boasts an aesthetically pleasing and elegant look. Many pieces of rattan furniture remain their original, natural colour, however others have been painted to bring a lighter look to the room. White is often a popular choice thanks to its ability to enhance the sense of space in a room.

Why buy vintage rattan furniture?

Unlike modern rattan furniture, which is often synthetic for outdoor use rather than natural, vintage rattan furniture is an organic and incredibly tactile material. Having already survived for generations, you can be confident that a vintage rattan piece – be it a bed frame or tables – has the durability that so many contemporary pieces lack.

Vintage rattan furniture also has an exotic appeal and personality all its own. It can bring a unique flair and character to any room of the home, while also capturing a bygone era. A vintage piece brings with it a world of heritage and history which simply can’t be found in any modern item.

Whether you’re furnishing a conservatory, living room, dining area or bedroom, vintage rattan furniture makes a splendid yet practical choice.

Find rattan furniture at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior, we specialise in collating stunning vintage and antique pieces that are sure to inspire you and give you great ideas to decorate and furnish your home. We’re proud to have an astounding selection of rattan furniture that is perfect for any space. Thanks to our national network of reputable sellers, our website is the very best place to find vintage and antique furniture. Whether you want to add a touch of the exotic to your bedroom or bring the Far East to your conservatory, discover our range of rattan furniture today.