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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products


Vintage Rattan Armchairs

Shopping for vintage and antique furniture is sometimes about searching for products that have a rich history behind them and an incredible story to tell. At other times it is about simply finding a piece that is made in a different way or using interesting materials that are perhaps not considered the norm in the 21st century. The vintage rattan armchair is one such example, as is the cane armchair. These two versions of armchairs are popularly categorised together however they actually have distinct historical pasts. Both rattan and cane were popular production materials in the early to mid-20th-century, but until recently, these sustainable materials were less in vogue than they once were. Luckily, this is changing, and with the right vintage cane-woven armchair, you can add intrigue to your home. Explore Vinterior’s gorgeous selection of rattan armchairs and bring sophistication and heritage to your home. Shop with confidence from trusted professional sellers in our marketplace today.

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Wicker rattan armchairs for sale in our curated marketplace

Today, we often associate rattan armchairs with garden furniture. Yet these blocky, flat-packed iterations do not represent the traditional designs of rattan armchairs. Throughout the bohemian heydays of the early 20th century, rattan peacock armchairs and cane-woven seat armchairs abounded. From the decorative interiors of Charleston, East Sussex, to the art nouveau apartments of Paris’s Rive Gauche, rattan armchairs have long been part of the bohemian lifestyle.
Seeing a revival in the 1970s, rattan and cane-woven armchairs were once again adored by carefree creatives. Although this time in the American west. The bohemian nature of the mid-century hippies meant that rattan armchairs were once again in vogue. However, this time they were imbibed with an American crispness and more elevated appearance.
Whether you’re seeking to emulate the Bloomsbury Set’s trailblazing aesthetic or give your space a carefree Californian spin, you’ll discover the perfect pre-owned rattan armchairs at Vinterior.

About the vintage bamboo armchair

The material bamboo is commonly lumped in with rattan, in the modern day. This is simply due to a lack of awareness around the differences between the two materials and the fact that each is now more commonly used for garden furntiture, rather than indoor furniture. As a default, they are both referred to interchangeably, but this is incorrect. Bamboo as a material for furniture is routed in Chinese history. Whereas Rattan is more commonly associated with English, and Victorian history.

What are the features of rattan armchairs?

Rattan armchairs come in all shapes and sizes, from large and dramatic pieces that would take pride of place as a focal point in your living room, to smaller and more practical items designed to fit neatly into a corner or as part of a set. While some are made entirely from this material, others are combined with solid wood frames and even feature cane-seated armchairs to make particularly sturdy and durable pieces of furniture. The rattan itself may be a light beige or a dark brown or anything in between. It will, however, always be resilient and strong enough for everyday use.
Modern armchairs aren’t hard to find, however many are mass-produced and simply lack the character and style that you can find in a vintage or antique piece. When you choose a vintage rattan armchair, you aren’t just investing in a beautiful piece of furniture; you will add something quite different to your interior space. Don’t forget also that a vintage armchair has already been proven to be durable and resilient, unlike many modern pieces of furniture which are so easily damaged and broken. With vintage rattan armchairs, you aren’t just getting a gorgeous item for your home, you’re bringing the past back to life in a stunning and elegant way.

What are the features of a bamboo armchair?

Unlike rattan, bamboo is hollow and not flexible so cannot be manipulated into unnatural shapes, whereas rattan is solid and very flexible. With that key distinguishing feature, a very easy way to identify a vintage bamboo armchair over a vintage rattan armchair is to look for any details on the armchair that have been made by bending and manipulating the wood. If there aren't any, you're more than likely looking at a vintage bamboo armchair, rather than rattan.

Find vintage rattan armchairs at Vinterior

Vintage rattan armchairs have the ability to make your home a more interesting and eclectic place. Whether you choose to add your rattan armchair to a conservatory or snug, want to incorporate it in a nursery or prefer to use it as part of a mix-and-match living room set, this piece will serve to catch the eye and make your interior space a truly unique place.
With more than two thousand trusted sellers registered with Vinterior, there’s nowhere better to find your ideal antique, vintage, artisan and bespoke furniture. So explore our website now and find all the inspiration you need.

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