Mid Century Leather Chairs

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Leather has been used in furniture making for hundreds of years, but was reworked during the mid -20th century to create sleek, contemporary furniture that would be functional, stylish and simplistic. It is through the mid-century modern design movement that leather furniture became more accessible for modern homeowners, with designs that could be incorporated into a range of interiors. Because leather is a natural material, it is warm, soft and amazingly pliable. If looked after well, it is also incredibly tough and hardwearing. It is for this reason that Vinterior is able to bring you so many well-preserved, high-quality pieces from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Browse the collection today.

Why choose mid century leather chairs?

Urban settings and contemporary interiors pair perfectly with the sleek, curved lines so favoured by designers from the mid-century modern era. A key focus of design in this period was functionality, so you can expect to find lightweight dining chairs that you can re-purpose in the office, stylish accent chairs that will look great in any room, or luxurious lounge chairs that you’ll sink into and never want to leave.

With a host of options available, you can find retro-style chairs for any interior in a variety of colours, allowing you to secure the perfect match for your own home. The defined lines and crisp look of these chairs particularly complement stripped back, urban or contemporary settings, but mid-century leather seating can easily be used within any style of home for a hint of that cool, modern aesthetic. As trends change, the mid century modern style always remains popular due to its versatility and enduring charm.

If you have a more traditional home but are looking to inject a touch of retro style into one of your rooms, leather easy chairs are a great option. The button back chair is a statement piece for any living room or entertainment space, fusing classic and contemporary elements and ensuring exquisite comfort. An elegant mid-century leather armchair would look gorgeous by the fireplace in a charming old farmhouse, while a modern Norwegian leather seat would create a stylish contrast against wooden beams and characterful details in a bohemian interior.

Designers of the period used leather to create multifunctional seating for the home with its own luxurious appeal, as the material offers the very best in comfort and durability. Enduring pieces from the era include armchairs, lounge chairs, dining chairs and office seating, all of which can easily be incorporated into a modern home for a touch of retro style. Aged leather has a lovely patina due to gentle colour alterations that occur over time, which is why vintage leather chairs have that authentic ‘lived in’ look that is so popular.

Shop for mid-century leather chairs with Vinterior?

Here at Vinterior we have a stunning range of vintage mid-century leather chairs available, with something to suit many of the rooms in your home. Each and every piece of vintage, antique and artisan furniture we have listed on our website has been expertly crafted and offers a unique sense of style, allowing you to create spaces that are original, charming and uniquely yours.

Take a look at our range of furniture today to discover beautiful, functional furniture that is unlike anything seen on the high street. Our website provides all the inspiration you need to realise your design vision and makes it easy to team your chosen chair or set of chairs with other vintage furniture for an authentic retro look.