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Founder of renowned British furniture manufacturer Ercol, Lucian Ercolani is a celebrated mid-century designer who favoured simple, fresh designs crafted from premium wood. He began trading under the Ercol family business in the 1920s, taking inspiration from the prominent design scene in the ‘furniture capital’ of High Wycombe, around where he lived and worked. Pieces designed by Lucian Ercolani in the 1950s and 1960s were crafted with the post-war household in mind, as the innovative designer looked to introduce fresh, light furniture into British homes. Browse the range of Lucian Ercolani originals available here at Vinterior to discover timeless, functional designs that are as relevant now as they were in the mid 20th century. Look out for Ercolani’s iconic Windsor chairs, explore our range of original dining tables or fall in love with a classic vintage sofa for your living room. There’s something here for every interior design.

Why choose Lucian Ercolani Furniture?

Original Lucian Ercolani furniture can effortlessly be incorporated into any home, with each piece crafted from real wood for lasting appeal and durability. Within our range of vintage furniture designed by Lucian Ercolani we offer a variety of styles constructed from quality conditioned timbers such as beech, elm and ash, with many of these pieces having acquired a lovely warm patina for that individual, gracefully aged look.

The simple, classically stylish nature of Lucian Ercolani pieces means they will complement a host of interior styles, whether you’re looking for furniture to complete your authentic mid-century living space or are seeking one-off styles that will contribute to an overall minimalist look. A Lucian Ecolani coffee table with clean lines and a light finish is the perfect addition to a Scandinavian or transitional living room, while a famous Ercol chair designed by the brand’s founder can be positioned anywhere within a bohemian style home for a touch of vintage appeal.

Lucian Ercolani Design

Lucian Ercolani designs are always practical as well as stylish, with our range including dual-purpose studio couches and daybeds, space-saving drop-leaf tables and sleek coffee tables with magazine racks underneath. Whether space is at a premium within your home or you are looking to fill your interior with unique vintage designs to achieve a homely feel, there’s a piece of Lucian Ercolani furniture for you.

As well as tables, chairs and sofas, fans of mid-century British design can browse one-off statement pieces such as desks, drinks cabinets and sideboards.

Why buy from Vinterior?

Each item of Lucian Ercolani furniture found here at Vinterior is a genuine piece of British manufacturing history and is sure to become a stand-out item within your home. Every table, chair, sofa or sideboard is the product of great craftsmanship and has an authentic vintage feel, with some items having been refreshed through new upholstery or refinishing when needed to ensure they meet the expected standard.

Unlike the mass-produced flat pack furniture we see everywhere right now, each and every piece of furniture we sell has its own story to tell. The character and distinctive style provided by vintage furniture cannot be replicated, allowing you to create a space that is uniquely yours through a collection of original pieces.

Take a look at our range of Lucian Ercolani designs to discover beautiful, fuss-free furniture that exudes its own unique charm. You can also browse Vinterior for more vintage, antique and artisan furniture, discovering a selection of great products as well as all the inspiration you need to transform interiors into stylish, characterful and homely spaces.

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