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An Ercol table, made of real wood and designed with simple elegance is a thing of beauty. Careful thought and real craftsmanship is built into each one, whichever decade it belongs to. For generations, Ercol tables have featured in stylish British homes of all types and sizes. Whether they’re creating a family focal point for sit-down meals, gracing the corner of a lounge as a receptacle for casually flung-down magazines, or providing a generous spot to place coffee and cake when visitors call, this is a brand that always delivers style and practicality in spades. Discover which Ercol table will suit your home when you browse our range of vintage pieces.

Why choose a vintage Ercol table?

A British brand first established in the 1920s by an Italian designer – Lucian Ercolani – today, many pieces of Ercol furniture are regarded as classic 20th century designs. The defining features of quintessential Ercol are a combination of woods (most commonly beech for its strength and elm for its warmth and beauty) shaped into soft curves. The use of spindle-turning to create those tapered legs, and carefully steam-bending wooden bows to form chair backs, avoiding right-angles, creates the soft, easy Ercol finish.

Ercol Drop-Leaf Dining Table

The drop-leaf dining table is a classic Ercol piece that remains very popular with today’s interior design fans. Frequently paired with a set of Quaker chairs or Carver chairs, Ercol dining tables most commonly feature a drop leaf, making them ideal for those who are either tight on space or looking for a table that offers versatility. Variously oval, circular or rectangular in shape (but always with those curved corners), the dining tables are solid, yet still boast a refinement and lightness.

Lozenge-Shaped Ercol Coffee Table

Another popular piece with today’s home-makers, is the soft-cornered, lozenge-shaped coffee table, which features a magazine-storage space beneath the table top itself. Available in both light and dark wood finishes, this Ercol table was originally designed in the 1960s.

The vintage charm with Ercol

Ercol is a great example of a brand where every vintage piece brings with it an unmistakable slice of heritage and quality. In addition, Ercol furniture is timeless. No matter the decade it was designed, and even if it very clearly echoes the tastes and trends of those times, Ercol seems to slot into fresh, contemporary homes or more eclectic, busy spaces, with equal ease.

You can shop for new Ercol Tables at Vinterior

Ercol continues to trade to this day, building on its classic ranges and forging ahead with new, contemporary designs from its workshops in Buckinghamshire. The new pieces, which are loyal to the vintage aesthetic and reflect mid-century form and materials, work brilliantly in all sorts of homes. We stock a selection and each one is both a wonderful piece to enjoy every day and a fantastic investment for the future.

Why not browse our new and vintage Ercol for a little interiors inspiration? Take a glance at how the designers’ work over the decades to find the perfect Ercol table, statement chair, daybed or sofa for your house. While many homes up and down the country are often filled with the same flimsy and transient product, as part of our disposable society; the products listed here at Vinterior are a reminder that the very best items are made to last and have a worthy place in the home for generations.

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