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Even for those with a limited knowledge of furniture brands, the name Ercol probably means something. First set up by an Italian furniture maker during the 1920s, the Ercol brand originally aimed to provide affordable and stylish furniture built by talented craftsmen to the highest quality standards. Find a beautiful Ercol bookcase in Vinterior’s stunning collection.

Ercol bookcases: the road to style

The late 1940s and early 1950s was the period during which the Ercol brand first became well known by homeowners. After the war years, there was a huge demand for utility furniture, and with its simple lines, clean designs and affordability, Ercol furniture perfectly fitted the bill.

During the 1960s, the drive for minimalist furniture continued. Scandinavian chic was in vogue among homeowners of the day, and this pared back and cool style fit perfectly with the iconic image that Ercol furniture was creating. While in the past, Ercol had focused primarily on making chairs, its range rapidly expanded to include everything from beds to bookcases.

Every piece of Ercol furniture can be characterised by outstanding craftsmanship. In its early days, the Ercol brand was distinctive for utilising woods that were once believed to be unsuited to furniture making. Beech and elm were two common woods Ercol incorporated into their designs, and their innovative steam bending technique allowed them to add an important point of difference in their furniture.

Why choose Ercol bookcases?

An Ercol bookcase is a stylish and sturdy addition to any room of the home. With its exquisite craftsmanship and timeless style, a vintage Ercol bookcase remains a strong investment.

Sturdy, strong and timelessly sophisticated, an Ercol bookcase will have a minimalist yet sophisticated look. Designed with not only function in mind but also beauty, Ercol bookcases may be either chunky and solid or more minimalist and delicate in its design depending on the period. The pieces from the late 1960s onwards feature gently curving edges, narrow spindle sides and a blonde beech and elm look.

Among the different Ercol bookcase options available there are both those with simple open shelves and some with a combination of shelves and cupboards. Not only were these functional but they also accommodated a number of different styles. From rustic farmhouse kitchens to shabby chic living rooms or bohemian studies, an Ercol bookcase is a great option.

We sell new, too

Such is the strength of the Ercol brand that the business has continued to produce handsome furniture decades after it was first established. While we love the history and heritage that only a vintage piece of furniture can provide, you will still find charm and character in the impressively made bookcases, sofas and tables that the brand is proud to produce today.

Find vintage Ercol bookcases at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we are dedicated to finding and supplying the best possible selection of gorgeous antique, vintage and retro items. We are passionate about heritage and history, and want to help you be creative in styling every room of your home. From bedrooms to living rooms and from hallways to dining areas, our range of furniture and decorative items bring the past to life.

Browse our beautiful selection today and find the perfect vintage Ercol bookcase to show off your favourite titles and to bring a genuine retro feel to your space.

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