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Even for anyone with limited knowledge of popular furniture brands, the name Ercol may well be familiar bell. The company was first established in 1920 by an Italian furniture designer who was interested in creating stylish, versatile and high quality pieces of furniture. An Ercol wardrobe is a strong, traditional and attractive addition to any bedroom. Made using exquisite craftsmanship, a vintage Ercol wardrobe will never fail to impress. Find a beautiful Ercol wardrobe here in our stunning collection.

Why choose vintage Ercol wardrobes?

From the end of the 1940s, the Ercol brand became a household name. The period after the end of the Second World War was a time when there was an increased demand for affordable furniture. Mass-production was essential, and simple, functional furniture such as that produced by Ercol was the perfect solution.

Ercol’s minimalist lines and stylish good looks made its furniture lines highly popular during the 1960s, when Scandinavian pared back elegance was all the rage. It was at this point that Ercol began to expand their furnishing lines, moving out from chairs to beds, wardrobes and bookcases.

The Ercol furniture range as a whole can be identified by its beautiful craftsmanship. During the earliest days of the brand, Ercol was well known for making use of woods that were felt by other manufacturers to be unsuitable for making furniture. Elm and beech were two of the most common woods that were incorporated into Ercol pieces. Through the innovative technique of steam bending the brand could make unique and individual-looking furniture for customers – and that included wardrobes.

Strong, sturdy and sophisticated, Ercol wardrobes are timelessly sophisticated. With their solid construction, they are not only highly functional but also very attractive. With a beautiful finish and elegant yet minimalist details, an Ercol wardrobe’s true hallmark is its quality. If you want to incorporate a strong 60s vibe or perhaps even an eclectic mix of unique pieces into your bedroom environment, look no further than the Golden Dawn range of Ercol wardrobes. These stunning pieces are made in a light-coloured beech, which helps to keep any bedroom feeling fresh and not too intense.

Depending on your preference, you may also be attracted to a worn and well-used vintage piece because the signs of wear fit with your shabby chic bedroom style. But remember, too, that pre-loved pieces can be painted to change up the look and style as necessary – something often showcased by our sellers.

We sell new Ercol, too

The Ercol brand is still going strong today and many of the pieces in its contemporary range have taken their inspiration from those early mid-century designs. If you love the idea of incorporating an Ercol wardrobe into your home but don’t feel that vintage is your thing, explore our listings for new Ercol pieces instead. After all, these beautifully made items of furniture will almost certainly become the vintage pieces of the future.

Find vintage Ercol wardrobes at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior team we have made it our mission to find and supply our customers with a gorgeous selection of vintage, retro, antique and new items which are sure to impress. We’re truly passionate about history, heritage but above all character and quality. Whether you’re furnishing your bedroom, hallway or living room, you can depend on our beautiful collection of decorative items and furnishings to bring history to life in the most exciting and stunning way.

Browse ours beautiful range today and discover the perfect vintage Ercol wardrobe to turn your bedroom into a paradise.