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Anyone with any knowledge of classic British furniture has heard of the Ercol brand. First established in the 1920s by an Italian designer, Lucian Ercolani, who established a business to create high quality furniture made by skilled craftsmen to the highest standards, Ercol rose to popularity during the 1940s and 50s. If you would like to bring a bit of vintage style to your home and love the Ercol legacy, why not consider purchasing an Ercol pebble table – a convenient and delicate side table for the home. Browse our collection today.

Why choose vintage Ercol pebble tables?

While many of the pieces created by Ercol over the last century have offered simple sophistication that is often quite understated, there is certainly something about the pebble table that draws the eye. The pebble table can easily be identified by its three narrow splayed legs, which resemble those of a stool. The wood itself has a beautiful grain and luxurious quality, being made from blonde elm and beech. On top of the slender legs sits a delicately curved table top – a thin slither, which closely resembles the shape and smoothness you would want from the perfect skimming stone.

The combination of delicate features in solid wood gives the Ercol pebble table. Equally as at home in a contemporary setting as it is a bohemian environment; a shabby chic home or an ultra-modern minimalist space, there are few settings that wouldn’t suit a pebble table. It’s no wonder, then, that these tables are still so popular with homeowners today. Often, pebble tables are available as a nest of three, adding even more convenience for homeowners who want a side table to offer additional surface space when occasional guests visit.

As a vintage piece, an Ercol table not only adds style to a room but it can also add character. Buying a pre-loved piece means investing in an item that brings with it a rich history – be it in another home or even an office environment.

Ercol pebble tables: the brand’s journey

The demand during this era for utility furniture was a perfect fit with the Ercol way of working. Ercol’s designs were based on practicality and minimalism, and this was perfect for mass-production during this period. Plain and affordable, the Windsor kitchen chair took off in a big way and led to the brand becoming a household name.

The 1960s saw a fashion for pared back, Scandinavian style in England, and again, Ercol’s iconic look perfectly fit the ethos. Demand for pieces from the brand grew even more and a wider range of furnishings were released by the brand in response.

Ercol pebble tables are still available to buy from the brand today thanks to their iconic style and the high demand from homeowners. These modern versions are still made to the highest quality and if buying vintage pieces isn’t quite your thing, keep your eye out for new pieces listed here at Vinterior.

Find vintage Ercol pebble tables at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior, we love nothing more than genuine authentic vintage and antique furniture and decorative items. That’s why we work tirelessly to bring together an impressive collection of pieces in one handy location so you can browse and find the perfect items for your home. We’re here to give you all the inspiration you need to bring heritage and history to life in your home, and to take your interior décor to a whole new level. Find vintage Ercol pebble tables on our site today, and enjoy a retro living room.

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